12 Ways to Celebrate a Fabulous Patterned Headboard

I’m advocating breaking among my design rules. Well, I don’t really believe in strict design rules, but generally I try to stay large investment bits (such as beds) neutral, solid and classic, and bring in prints, designs, bolder colors and fashionable fabrics through less permanent items like rugs, throw pillows, duvet covers and window treatments.

However, these gorgeous patterned headboards have been screaming for my attention, and I cannot ignore them any further. Can you sleep under a patterned headboard? In that case, what type of fabric or pattern would you use? Allow me to know in the Comments section!

Laura U, Inc..

Move bold and go for height — lively fabrics and exaggerated verticality on a headboard may change the entire feeling of a room. These brilliant textiles increase the Moroccan style of the home, and the wall behind them painted to chair-rail height tricks the eye, distorting how we perceive the colours and proportions.

Bliss Design

Extend the headboard to fresh heights to show a beautiful cloth on it and your shams. It would have been a design travesty not to show this suzani fabric off.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Match a sham or a different pillow to the headboard. This will provide a look vertically , such as those shams do to the bedscape.

Annette English

To tie a bigger area to the mattress, extend the headboard behind nightstands. A daring pattern grounds this mattress with the proper scale.

Vanessa De Vargas

You don’t have to use cloth to do this idea. At the Upward Bound House, interior designer Vanessa De Vargas used wallpaper to create the look of an extended headboard.

You might even use a special traditional fabric. Style Sponge blogger Grace Bonney helped teach the masses about traditional Mexican Otomi embroidery with her famous DIY headboard.

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Troy Spurlin Interiors

Repeat the pattern on twin or triplet beds. Here, an electric paisley pattern repeated on three bedrooms and window treatments enlivens the room.

Cherie Marcel

Use remnants for a exceptional patchwork design. Creative decorator Cherie Marcel didn’t let her cloth samples go to squander; rather, she used them to fashion a fabulous headboard.

Designs for Living

Allow the headboard headboard to be the celebrity of the bedscape. Maintain the duvet and shams solid and with minimal detailing, such as this hotel-style bedding, and use a minimal amount of coordinating throw pillows.

Martha O’Hara Interiors

Coordinate with a bed skirt or a mattress platform to create continuity.

Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

Pay attention to the way in which the pattern relates to the headboard’s silhouette. Here the vertical stripes highlight the point near the top of the headboard. Note the way the stripes onto the bed skirt and the headboard align.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

If you don’t have a headboard, then create the illusion of one by hanging a quilt on the wall above the bed. It may cozy up a room and create interesting proportions with stunning height.

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