Kids' Baths

If there’s one spot in your house that virtually begs for decorating pleasure, it is a kids’ toilet. The options are many and tantalizing: exuberant tile, bright linens, quirky fixtures and candy-colored art. Trouble is, finally the little ones grow up — and you don’t wish to invest a lost of money in a room that will be forever stuck in the toddler years.

Your strategyKeep the bones of the room easy and clean, then overlay them with vibrant accents and tot-friendly colors. Have a look at these 8 amazing kids’ baths for inspiration.

Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

Between the brightly patterned rug, the vibrant tile along with the cool mirror series art, this bathroom broadcasts fun. But get started stripping back the lively layers, and you’re left with a slick space that gets a little advantage from the vivid palette along with the strong geometry.

The lesson: Developing a base that has staying power does not always mean that you need to go neutral.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

Pretty and refreshing, this cottage-style bathroom feels just as appropriate for a young lady as for a little girl. One easy, young touch — the floral shower curtain — completely changes the feel of the room. Even though it would not be out of place in a grownup’s toilet, it could easily be traded for a more restrained pattern or tailored style.

Dick Clark + Associates

Round mirrors and rugs arranged polka-dot style riff on the circular form of the penny tiles that dress every surface of this space.

Little ones would love its playfulness, however if you swapped out the vibrant accents for stylish, minimalist accessories, then it would morph from sweet to sophisticated super fast.

Feinmann, Inc..

Sure, you can find cute frogs on the shower curtain, but it is the sky-blue wall hue that really gives this bathroom kid appeal.

Nothing beats paint for sheer effort-to-impact ratio, which makes it a perfect solution for a space that needs to transition together with the years.

This space could easily go dusty gray, green, khaki, or a different mature color as the children age out and up.

ZeroEnergy Design

At first glance, this setup couldn’t look simpler. But the tile remedy here is no easy feat: The homeowners were able to bring a grid of pastel colors that stops just short of feeling childish.

The look works great for children, but with a few artful improvements, the vinyl walls could give an almost pointillist look.


Evidence in the ability of accessories: A couple brightly manicured towels, a unique towel basket, a stuffed rabbit, and this ultra-minimalist bathroom suddenly feels ideal for little ones. Now picture it with a slick vase in place of the basket, crisp white linens and a bit of contemporary art propped at the close of the bathtub: a dramatic makeover with next to no sweat equity.

Studio Z Architecture

Picture this bathroom with easy brushed-nickel or pewter cupboard knobs instead of the chunky blue ones. It grows up immediately, right? Not only can something as little as hardware transform the look of a room, small touches like this are a great method of bringing whimsy into a kids’ bathroom because they are really easy to reverse down the street.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

What tween would not be over this sizzling area? Hot shade, a shot of layout and also a hint of glamour make for an irresistible combo. The soaked fuchsia feels much more adult than the paler pinks of girlhood.

Children’ Spaces: Entertaining, Beachy Bathrooms

Creative Play Spaces for Kids

The Best Colors for Kids’ Rooms

The New Look of Nurseries

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Here Is How to Outfit Your Own Dressing Table

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, however I feel that a dressing table is next in line. An organized,”well-dressed” dressing table may turn into a place where you spend quality time preparing for your day, primping for your night out on the town, and simmer for your day. Here are a few excellent examples on how to organize your dressing table and make it work for you.

Browse dressing table photographs

Melanie Coddington

For a little dressing table, pick a mirror which you can mount on the wall over, and buy a small table lamp. This may leave you plenty of room to put out your things.

Jarlath Mellett

While searching for a stand-alone dressing table, look for one which has big drawers. These can come in handy especially if you have a large collection of jewelry and makeup. You can place the things away and have enough table top space for a freestanding mirror and lighting.

Mahoney Architects and Interiors

If you’re constructing a customized vanity with cabinetry, then make sure your sitting room reaches desk height, which can be typically 30-40 inches. Bigger vanities offer opportunities for artful screen, so make the most of this space. Organize your essentials in pretty ceramic and glass vases.

Keep things clean and simple by arranging your hair and jewelry accessories on a little tray. Your things will be easy to find when you’re in a hurry.

Luck Stone Center

If you have a large closet, consider incorporating an island to the space. You will be able to customize the size, tabletop material and the amount of drawers. This sort of structure will give you plenty of storage space for accessories and bigger clothing items.

California Closets Twin Cities

You could be able to carve out space for a dressing table in your closet. Overhead cabinets are also a great alternative for keeping your accessories.

A jewelry or lingerie chest is a great piece to accompany a dressing table that’s maxed out on space. This chest will even offer several compartments for additional storage without taking up much room.

Robin Roy, California Closets

Drawers that house velvet-lined trays are a very nice way to maintain your little jewelry items organized and in good condition. You can even buy trays individually. Just make sure you measure your drawer size (especially the elevation ) before you venture out to the shop. You do not want to come back home with a tray which doesn’t fit.

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New Year's Resolutions for Your Kitchen, Part II

Kitchens are typically the costliest and most challenging rooms in the house to remodel. They touch on each of your home’s mechanical systems, which involves hiring multiple accredited tradesmen or becoming a very knowledgeable do-it-yourselfer. They may also have an important impact on your home’s resale value. You want to maximize both your return on investment and pleasure of this space when you choose a new kitchen project.

More: New Years Resolutions For The Kitchen, Part I

In Detail Interiors

Kitchen Planning Resolution No. 1: Provide good ventilation

You may not wish to see your kitchen’s port hood. You may not wish to listen to it. But, make sure you have the right power for your cooking equipment and vent outdoors if at all possible.

Poor ventilation issues your house, furniture, family and pets to excess grease, odors, steam and other unpleasant cooking byproducts.

Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS

Kitchen Planning Resolution No. 2: Do not sacrifice function for type

This kitchen did not just deliver the style the client wanted, it gave this particular homeowner, who likes to entertain, a strategically zoned, highly functional space to cook, serve and collect.

This kitchen has a cooking zone, a food storage zone along with a prep cleanup zone. Everything she wants for those tasks is within easy reach, saving steps when she is preparing to entertain guests in your home.

Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS

Kitchen Planning Resolution No. 3: Do not contract island Stress

Many kitchens, such as the one in this holiday home I designed, are simply too small for islands. If you do not have enough room to walk or function around one, then do not try to cram one in! A peninsula or rolling cart will function better for your space.

If you do have room for an island, do not outsized it to the stage it cuts off circulation between your work zones.

Also, remember to plan any island seats you desire for its non-working facet, with enough room behind for someone to walk by.

Witt Construction

Kitchen Planning Resolution No. 4: Do not dismiss lighting needs

An under-lit kitchen does not work nicely. It needs natural, general and task lighting to operate and look its best. Do not relegate lighting into an afterthought. Plan it.

Kitchen Planning Resolution No. 5: Enhance space

I will stop whining this year about the size of my kitchen and make the most of unused space, such as bare ceiling and walls, to increase its storage potential.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

Kitchen Planning Resolution No. 6: Pay attention to electric needs

Small appliances as well as the sockets they require are details of modern life. If you want your kitchen to perform at peak ability, you need to plan on your electricity needs. Your island and backsplash need sockets, but you do not necessarily wish to see them breaking up a beautiful tile design or cabinetry panel. Plan ahead.

John Lewis

Pull-Out Recycler Bin – GBP 69.95

Kitchen Planning Resolution No. 7: Start recycling

You know that recycling isn’t difficult to do nowadays, and you wish to hand your kids a better planet someday, but maybe you just have not gotten around to it yet.

Pull-out dual cans are a simple alternative, one I design into every kitchen. The recycling may tucks behind the garbage can, and that means you’re not taking up any more functional space, I guarantee! Both cans take standard-sized trash bags, but that I put a reusable grocery bag in my recycle bin, helping reduce waste even more.


Kidde Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher – $19.99

Kitchen Planning Resolution No. 8: Be prepared for emergencies

No one ever thinks it’ll happen to them. Unfortunately, house fires happen all of the time, and many start in the kitchen. A small purchase that may sit in the rear of a nearby cupboard and a couple minutes of undersanding how to use it could save your house.

Kitchen Tech: Slip Sliding Away
The Well-Concealed Kitchen
Nice Item: A Wine Fridge Right Where You Want It

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Decorate With Winter Berries

Legendary interior decorator Billy Baldwin once said that every room should have a little red in it. This is especially true during the holiday season. A fantastic way to bring this celebratory color is by incorporating winter berries in your decor. It’s a natural, natural choice that allows one to bring the outside in. Plus it seems utterly seasonal, without an ounce of vacation cheesiness.

If you are blessed, putting berries round your home entails going outside and doing some pruning out of your own garden. But if you live in an urban location, never fear: local flower shops always bring in live branches of tomatoes at this time of year. Obviously, live berries look (and feel) best, but fake berry branches are surprisingly successful as well.

More: 50 Inspiring Holiday Decorating Ideas

Zuniga Interiors

Here three black vases hold sparsely clumped berry branches to get a minimal look. The live branches nicely complement the contemporary aesthetic of these black vessels. And there is something about berries and a lit fire that just appear to go together.

Red berries steal the series against the green boxwood and magnolia leaves with this Christmas mantel. The silver and white containers offer a wonderful contrast, which makes the red berries a dramatic announcement.

Michelle Edwards

This exterior tablescape is grounded by a bright red tartan tablecloth; the crimson berries mimic that coloration nicely. The candles rest atop little sections of logs, so the organic berries feel almost as though they’re growing out of mini trees.

If you want to add only a bit of seasonal décor for your space, appear! Here the branches have been brilliantly intertwined in the chandelier.

Little Red House

This is a more formal take on vacation décor. Branches loaded with berries could work all year, but feel especially seasonal using conventional reddish background, black lacquered mini candle colors, brass candlesticks, plus a gold-leaf mirror.

Kimball Starr Interior Design

If you don’t want to really go overboard with holiday decorations and you live in a contemporary space, adding a few berry branches for your mantel is a perfect compromise.


Who says you can not bring the holidays in your bedroom? Here’s a great example of how a bit or white and red, branches and glitz produces a bedroom appropriate while also being livable.

What is great about those berry branches is how wild they’re — you could tell they arrived out of a nearby bush or tree.

Peter Tow

The berry branches here will be the primary event here. The tall group of branches provides life and color to get an otherwise minimal space.

Forget lighting or blow-up Santas. Go sophisticated with your outdoor decorations by using evergreens, red berries and other wintertime plants.

Can you decorate with winter berries? Upload a photograph below!

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50 Inspiring Holiday Decorating Ideas

Holiday Decorating, Old-School Design

Wreaths for Indoors or Out

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Cabinet Colors for Cabinets

White kitchens are a no-brainer, and stainless steel goes with everything. However, when you have appliancesas I do, cupboard color gets a little trickier. New appliances are not in the cards just yet, so as I get ready for a much-needed kitchen facelift, I’m on the search for hues that will blend in with my black appliances and freshen them up — without making the space feel like a dark hole.

David Nosella Interior Design

Appliances within an off-white kitchen? Yeah, I was skeptical too, but after seeing this photo I’m a convert. The dark countertops, backsplash, furniture, floors and colors all help ground the stove and refrigerator and integrate them easily into the space. Enjoy!

Turan Designs, Inc..

Dark wood cabinets and dark appliances are a tried-and-true combo, yet this approach feels refreshing. There is a nice symmetry: The use of black on the cooktop hood anchors the black ovens and refrigerator that scatter it.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

For some people (read: me), black appliances are an default option, not a first choice. However, for this industrial-meets-artsy space, I can’t envision any other color. White would look dull, stainless would contend with the ultra-cool corrugated metal cupboard inserts, and whatever brighter would complicate the area’s streamlined palette. Black functions here as a gorgeous balance.

What’s black, red and white all over? This fab bistro-style space, that manages to look diverse and cohesive at the same moment. Red moldings spark the neutral colors, and the soft grey cabinetry ties it all together. And just how much do I really like the fact that the black on your refrigerator comes from chalkboard paint?


I’m head over heels for blue in any shade, so I swooned when I got an eyeful of the little vignette. Since they don’t draw attention to themselves, black appliances would be just the thing to let the rich sapphire-hued cabinetry glow. The colorful backsplash tiles pull all of the kitchen colors together.

Chr DAUER Architects

I had never thought of shameful as a natural match with dusty green, but the two are perfect partners in this space. Even though these appliances have some stainless , I think all-dark would work as well. Black accents (countertops, glass rack, window casing) are key to pulling this off. And I love the way the hot wood accents and vivid art give the kitchen additional layers of thickness.

Divine Design+Build

While pale appliances usually seem jarring against dark cabinetry, the reverse is true here. Black appears slick and modish against light timber . The bright blues on the stools and pendant light hit a great middle ground that keeps the kitchen out of atmosphere stark.

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Gift Guide: 50 Flat or Foldable Finds

Hectic schedules as well as the cost of travel frequently make it impossible to be with all your family and friends during the holidays. Allow the ones you love know you are thinking of them by sending one of these easily mailable goods as a temporary replacement for your company. Every present within this guide folds or squishes flat to fit in a 9.5″x12.5″ $4.95 flat-rate smaller or envelope, so there’s no need to feel like Scrooge when deciding who makes your record this season.

More: 50 Great Gifts Under $50


Air Vase – $28

Not merely are the bold and vibrant colours of the vase certain to impress any design fan, but how it ships level and is constructed entirely of paper will trim your vacation postal expenses.

Mailing size: Horizontal 7.9″ square


Bronze Stars – $22

For your friend with impeccable taste who’s impossible to buy for, think about this clean and ventilated home accessory a secure bet. No one can withstand unique designer decorations.

Mailing size: Thin bundle 4.5″ long

3939shop. com

Arbitax Cardcase Holder – GBP 22

Nothing gives the serious businessman instant street cred like pulling a sleek pink card case. This is the best present for someone who has to have a little more fun at work.

Mailing size: 3.9″ x 2.5″ x.5″


MyLife USB Ceramic Candles – $72

You may be struck by how beautiful these bracelets will seem draped on your loved one’s throat, but they’re also practical USB drives.

Mailing size: Level; shield with in an inch of bubble-wrap.

common-webshop. com

Thread Lid (Antiprism) – EUR 9.50

Whether you send it alone or with a particular trinket to tuck inside, this foldable box and lid set is a wonderful storage option for people who believe that an item is only as good as its wrap.

Mailing size: Horizontal 8.7″ x 11.8″ sheet


Tattone Temporary Tattoo – $5

For 2012, I predict a Pantone colour which is going to be more on the natural side — your skin. Who would not wish to get designer tattoos in the email this holiday season, or any season at that?

Mailing size: Fits in a notice card


New Flowers – $13.96

Send flowers that are certain to survive over a few days. All these 32 unique floral papers can grace the dining table every day.

Mailing size: 11.4″ heap of 32 sheets rolls or folds up for transport


Juice Pack Reserve Portable iPhone Charger / Battery Pack – $34.95

Keep that special someone out of running from battery life on an iPhone or even iPod. Keep this miniature charger useful and constantly have that required extra juice.

Mailing size:1.5″ x 3″ x.5″

Yanko Design

Tea Diver – $20

Surprise your tea-snob friends with this Korean diver-inspired strainer. But by no means should you urge what tea to use with it.

Mailing size:5.8″ x 1.9″ x 1.9″

Mikro Mart

Mikro Man 12: Fix – GBP 7.50

Create your own miniature home-improvement vignette with no pain or frustration of the real thing. These incredibly intricate sculptures by Sam Buxton mail flat and unfold to become sculpture.

Mailing size:Horizontal 5.3″ x 3.3″ sheet


Crumpled City Maps – EUR 12

For your friend who thinks folding and rolling maps is for people with a lot of time on their hands, send a travel accessory which can easily be stuffed into a coat pocket. These well-designed travel channels may stand up to virtually any adventure.

Mailing size: 4.5″ x 6″ x 1″

The Foundry

Quantify — Produce Season – AUD 18

Your family and friends will never have to guess whether apples or zucchini are in season. With this easy and tasteful chart, make guides are clearly displayed by year and hemisphere.

Mailing size:Flat11.4″ x 5.1″


Nordic Light Candle Holder: 7-Arm – $99

The heavy Nordic influence of the candelabra means that it is more than just visually magnificent; it is also versatile and practical. Notice how the arms swivel to any place. Give this to someone who appreciates understated design.

Mailing size: 12″ x 8″ x 1.5″ collapsed


Plant Label Stakes – $14

This gives add function and ornamental flair to a raised bed or indoor planter.

Mailing size: Horizontal 11.8″ x 5.9″

Walker Shop

Leaf Stickie Notes: Ginkgo – $4

For someone who notices the beauty in nature’s creations, then share these brightly thoughtful ginkgo tacky notes which detail the veining of the leaves.

Mailing size: Flat7.9″ x 5.9″ pad

Hard Graft

Adhere to the slogan of the company,”you lose what you don’t hold,” and give this folding phone wallet. Your friend can use it to keep his phone, cash, keys and more at hand.

Mailing size: Slightly Larger than an iPhone


Designer Emulation Kit – $29

Give the midcentury style enthusiast the present that they’ve always wanted — Castiglioni’s Arco floor lamp, Maurer’s Lucellino lamp, or Sapper’s Tizio lamp. With this pop-out kit, you are able to send all of three.

Mailing size: Horizontal 4.8″ x 6.8″ card


Tea Towels – $32

While I love the idea of tea towels, they tend to seem like they had been created solely to be used in a kitchen which counts doilies as its main design feature. Not this pair.

Mailing size: Folds to 7.5″ x 10″


LED Bicycle Light – $29

Help a friend safely combine the bicycle revolution with these fun and colorful bicycle lights. There are also many possibilites for integrating these little detachable lights into the house.

Mailing size: 1.3″ x.8″ x.5″


Small Leather Sectional Globe – AUD 33.95

This flat-packed, leather globe is anything but normal. Also available in metal and bamboo, give one or all three for an attractive and educational home accessory.

Mailing size: Horizontal 7.9″ x 11.8″ pack


600 Black Spots: A Pop-up Book for Kids of All Ages – $14.95

David Carter redefines the pop-up publication, repackaging it into a beautifully modern language that’s entertaining and appealing to kids and grownups alike.

Mailing size: 9.4″ x 9.4″ x 1.3″


Tangent Mobiles – $16

Interactive artwork is always fun to give and get. Send one or more of these concentric ring mobiles to bring some needed flair to any space, particularly when winter is in its dreariest.

Mailing size: Horizontal 10″ or 3″ diameter


Half-Spectacle Acetate Magnifying Glass – $85

Surprisingly relevant, this magnifying glass by Maison Martin Margiela will let everybody know how serious about design you are.

Mailing size: 2″ x 3″


Buckyballs – $34.95

Have a friend who always complains about being bored at work? Give him a pair of fun magnetic Buckyballs. This desk puzzle will inspire the many reluctant worker.

Mailing size: 2″ x 2″ x 5.2″

Hu2 Design

3 WindMills Light Switch Sticker – GBP 16.90

Send a friendly and subtle reminder that it is always wise to conserve energy.

Mailing size: Horizontal 12.5″ x 4.7″

Yanko Design

HUG Bowl – $118

Without resorting to some dingy wicker basket for your dining room table, keep all of your fruit corralled and in plain sight. This solid surface bowl hugs your fruit to keep it in position, and would make a fantastic present for any urge of form follows function.

Mailing size: 11.3″ x 9.5″ x.5″


Ready-to-Grow Collection – $57.73

Allow your urban-dwelling friends to join in on the vegetable-growing celebration by sending them these insta-grow, dehydrated vegetable packs.

Mailing size: 7.1″ x 7.1″ x 2.4″


Drip Ruff – EUR 9.20

Along with a delicious bottle of pinot noir, send a bundle of these tasteful paper-drip ruffs to safeguard the white linen tablecloth.

Mailing size: 5.5″ x 2.2″ x 1.2″ box


Doxie Go Mobile Document Scanner – $199

Scan, sync and send to the cloud over 600 pages of files in just 1 battery life. On the lookout for cable direction? Here’s your final solution.

Mailing size: 10.5″ x 1.7″ x 2.2″

Demelza Hill

Flat Pack Carrier

Know someone who’s never content with the status quo when it comes to home accessories? Send this laser-cut flat-packed basket and let that certain someone know that you are anything but predictable.

Mailing size: 15″ diameter, folds flat


Bierfilzl Wool Coasters – $18

A well-made coaster is essential to maintaining your furniture shielded, but surprisingly difficult to come by — and nobody makes beer accessories such as the Germans do. Send a friend a pair or 2 of these Bierfilzl wool coasters for some holiday cheers.

Mailing size: 4″ x 4″ x 1″


Spektral + Sto-Lang Paper Mobiles – $18

Seeking to brighten someone’s holidays? Send this colorful hanging mobile. It is one big party in a tiny bag.

Mailing size: 4″ x 4″ x.5″


Send holiday cheer along with a backyard in one festive little postcard. Your pals can exercise their green horn while stuck inside during winter.

Mailing size: 6.25″ x 4″ x .75″ closed

Wooden reindeer – $21.58

On the lookout for holiday decorations that don’t shout”Santa’s workshop burst in my living space”? Look no further than these attractively simple Nordic reindeer.

Mailing size: Level 3″ card


Modern Candle Holder – $25

Present a piece of home decor which relies on simplicity and purpose for its attractiveness.

Mailing size: Folds to11″ x 1.5″


Knitted Vase Cover TILLI with Screen Print – $30

As a devotee of this reused glass jar vase, I urge a little extra effort for your talented floral arrangements using a beautifully knitted cover.

Mailing size: 9.8″ long, squishes level

Mr. Lentz

Wooden Vase Necklace #310 – $32

Make sure that there is always a fresh floral arrangement on hand using a tiny necklace vase.

Mailing size: Small pendant sizes change


DIY Paper Puppet FOX – $8

Few things are as fantastic as receiving a paper fox shadow puppet in the email.

Mailing size: 4″ x 2.8″

Hidden Artwork

Blocks A4 – GBP 16.50

Sometimes it only takes a pencil and an eraser to create a workspace. Let the upcoming big idea to flourish by keeping this useful place within arm’s reach.

Mailing size: 2.8″ x 2.8″ x.5″

The Foundry

Pigs Can Fly Wondercard – AUD 7.25

Send someone a letter that’s a present in itself. Inspired by the thaumatrope toys of the 1820s, this optical illusion game is going to be inspirational and fun for all.

Mailing size: Level 4″ x 4″


Cork Birdhouse – GBP 29.50

By providing this collapsible cork birdhouse, you not only provide neighborhood birds a place to park, but also return a piece of nature back to its former habitat.

Mailing size: 11″ x.6″


Delfonics Roll Pen Case – $23

Help artistic friends keep writing and drawing provides mobile, organized and easily accessible with an appealing canvas roll case.

Mailing size: 10″ x 8″ case rolls up for transport

F1 Move sterile Set

Allow loved ones to arrange their own lives and their closets while off on vacation — visiting you, of course!

Mailing size: 12″ x 9″ pouch folds to 6″ x 4.5″ or smaller

Julius Shulman Film

Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman – $26.99

Any fan of contemporary architecture should own this particular documentary on photographer Julius Shulman.

Mailing size: 5.3″ x 7.5″ x.6″


10″ iPad Sleeve – $44

For Somebody Who finds that an

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Great Rooms With Great Viewing

The advent of the terrific area has done much to change the way we live. These multifunctional rooms can bring families together, up the”fun” variable and make for some lively evenings in your home. However they can also make things a bit too active, particularly when they include TVs, audio systems and video games packed into a single area. As much as I love the idea of all this togetherness, I do not always want to hear or view exactly what my partner or kids are watching. Luckily, there are choices that will allow you to be together once you want and have some separation constantly.

More: Where to Put the TV

Maria Killam

Great rooms let us do the majority of our living in 1 giant, though often partly cordoned off, space. It’s exactly what I want when it comes to monitoring exactly what the kids do and how much screen time they’re getting. And it is nice to have the ability to cook a meal without missing portion of a program.

It can also be great to have the ability to putter around in the kitchen or have a bite at the counter and catch something on TV. If that’s your pleasure, be certain that the screen is visible from the kitchen. Keep couch backs low and lamps or other decorative elements to the sides so sight lines aren’t impaired.

Michael Abrams Limited

Sometimes having a TV visible from the kitchen is not desired or even possible, given that the layout. If this is true, you may still want to put the TV where you are able to listen to a program or maybe catch a glimpse of it here and there when making a meal. In this kitchen, the screen is visible to anyone seated at the counter. It’s not a direct view, but it’ll do in a pinch.

Benning Design Construction

Sound travels, so all this open space can create troubles. Add a lot of windows, high ceilings and hard surfaces such as glass, granite and steel, and sound just bounces around. The longer the volume gets turned up, the more noise you hear and the clear the noise. Dialogue gets difficult to comprehend, and audio loses its fidelity.

Michael Abrams Limited

Carpeting, upholstery and window and wall coverings all help absorb noise. The tray ceiling and wood trim here behave like acoustic tiles, giving more nooks, crannies and surfaces for noise to wrap around. This creates both better sound quality and less din for individuals in different parts of the fantastic area who are bothered by the noise or be doing something different, like talking, studying or working on homework.


PLAY Scrabble Letter Pillows – $98

Adding cushions into an area with tile or wood floors, granite counters and high ceilings may also help absorb surrounding noise. There are even”acoustic” variations of cushions, wallcoverings, carpet underlays and window treatments offered in a variety of fashions. They are made from a special substance, the type found in acoustic ceiling tiles in office spaces or recording studios, but are a lot more fashionable.

Beats by Dr. Dre Official Site — Top Performance Headphones from Monster – $359

Headphones can be a sanity saver, particularly in houses where video games are played. In addition they allow multiple devices to be utilized concurrently. Anyone not plugged gets to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones — Beats by Dr. Dre from Monster – $329

Wireless headphones let everybody move around easily. And there are no cords.

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