Decorate With Winter Berries

Legendary interior decorator Billy Baldwin once said that every room should have a little red in it. This is especially true during the holiday season. A fantastic way to bring this celebratory color is by incorporating winter berries in your decor. It’s a natural, natural choice that allows one to bring the outside in. Plus it seems utterly seasonal, without an ounce of vacation cheesiness.

If you are blessed, putting berries round your home entails going outside and doing some pruning out of your own garden. But if you live in an urban location, never fear: local flower shops always bring in live branches of tomatoes at this time of year. Obviously, live berries look (and feel) best, but fake berry branches are surprisingly successful as well.

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Zuniga Interiors

Here three black vases hold sparsely clumped berry branches to get a minimal look. The live branches nicely complement the contemporary aesthetic of these black vessels. And there is something about berries and a lit fire that just appear to go together.

Red berries steal the series against the green boxwood and magnolia leaves with this Christmas mantel. The silver and white containers offer a wonderful contrast, which makes the red berries a dramatic announcement.

Michelle Edwards

This exterior tablescape is grounded by a bright red tartan tablecloth; the crimson berries mimic that coloration nicely. The candles rest atop little sections of logs, so the organic berries feel almost as though they’re growing out of mini trees.

If you want to add only a bit of seasonal décor for your space, appear! Here the branches have been brilliantly intertwined in the chandelier.

Little Red House

This is a more formal take on vacation décor. Branches loaded with berries could work all year, but feel especially seasonal using conventional reddish background, black lacquered mini candle colors, brass candlesticks, plus a gold-leaf mirror.

Kimball Starr Interior Design

If you don’t want to really go overboard with holiday decorations and you live in a contemporary space, adding a few berry branches for your mantel is a perfect compromise.


Who says you can not bring the holidays in your bedroom? Here’s a great example of how a bit or white and red, branches and glitz produces a bedroom appropriate while also being livable.

What is great about those berry branches is how wild they’re — you could tell they arrived out of a nearby bush or tree.

Peter Tow

The berry branches here will be the primary event here. The tall group of branches provides life and color to get an otherwise minimal space.

Forget lighting or blow-up Santas. Go sophisticated with your outdoor decorations by using evergreens, red berries and other wintertime plants.

Can you decorate with winter berries? Upload a photograph below!

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