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We’ve been visiting examples of his-and-hers bathrooms and vanities for quite some time today on . (Some say that the excess sink space does wonders in terms of maintaining the peace of a married couple.) And we recently featured a lodge in Oregon, in which a retired couple maintain both his-and-hers sinks and separate master bedrooms.

Renewal Design-Build

This Oregon couple isn’t alone. Even the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that 1.7 million married couples were living apart for reasons aside from legal separation: commuter marriages, a challenging economy that’s forced couples to carry jobs wherever they are available and personal tastes. Across the pond, the Office for National Statistics has set the amount of “live-apartners” from the U.K. in 1.2 million, citing high-profile celebrities Helena Bonham-Carter and Tim Burton as an instance of a happy married pair residing in adjoining flats in Hampstead, North London.

Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

This picture shows half a shared bathroom (with different his-and-hers sinks and a tub that is used just from the woman of the home). 1 door leads to her bedroom …

Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

… and yet another leads to his.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Interior designer Tracy Murdock met a client’s request to design a custom double queen-size mattress for this bedroom setup. She says, “The clients requested a special bed that would permit each of them to get their own space nevertheless still be together, so we created a large platform bed with two queen mattresses on the stage, each on its own control for adjusting firmness.”

Prove us Are you currently part of the growing “live-apartner” trend? Do you and your partner keep separate bathrooms, living spaces, sleeping quarters or homes? If this is the case, please post an image in the Opinions section and inform us. Your distance could appear in a follow-up feature on .

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