Learning How to Weld

It’s possible to start learning welding using simple tips and tricks. Although there are a lot of skills that go into this, it doesn’t take a lot of time for you to learn and get better gradually.

We have a few simple tips for you that will help you become an experienced house repairs.

Getting Ready

Before you decide to start, it’s important to try out a few things. First, hold the gun so you can practice. One hand needs to be at the base of the gun to provide the stability needed for accurate works while the other hand will be on the trigger. Try to move the gun steadily over a metal surface as if you are actually welding. Once the gun feels natural on the hands, pull it close to a weld surface, press the trigger, and touch the surface lightly for your very first welding test. You will always need to test the gun every time you are starting any job.

Prepare the Metal

Because welding involves working with metal, if you are going to become a reliable handyman services then you cannot afford to ignore metal preparation and handling techniques. You need to get all the right tools first. A carbide scribe or a woodworker’s awl is needed to make marks on the metal surface. You will also need a metal cutting chop. As a pro tip to use, when you cut the metal, slightly bevel the edges. This will make them stronger once welding is done. You will also need a clamp to position the cut metal pieces before welding. Once everything is in position, go ahead and begin tacking. Since this will be your first time doing welding, sometimes the metals in position may shift or disassemble when you are tacking. Just reposition them and keep trying until you get it right.

Finish Weld

As soon as you have finished with the tacking process, you need to now smooth out the edges and all the areas you have worked on. Grinding the edges is one of the most enjoyable steps in welding. However, you need to be careful not to overdo it. Grinding off too much might actually affect the structural strength of the item you have just created. Once the edges are smoothed out, you are done.


You can decide to paint the metal or leave it like that. It all depends on what you are creating. However, metal is a multipurpose material and there are many paints that can go with it. A coating of clear acrylic is however highly recommended by many welders. You can use a spray bottle to apply it smoothly on the metal surface.

Welding is simple if you are ready to learn about it. The simple tips above should help you get the basics right. In the end, with regular practice you will soon be among the good handyman capable of handling different kinds of tasks.

8 Best Design Ideas For Beautiful Pools

A handyman Phoenix AZ is a great home amenity to have. You’ll have your own place to sit down, relax and enjoy a drink. If the weather gets really hot, then a dip in the pool is a great way to cool down. Now, if you are thinking of building a pool for your backyard, then you might need a few design ideas. Well, that’s what this article is all about.

Hill Country Ranch

If you have a large space like a country ranch, then you can go nuts on the side amenities of the handyman Phoenix. For example, you can add an outdoor living room, kitchen, and a bar.

Long Island Bungalow

If you have a small backyard but plenty of lawn, why not place the swimming pool right in the middle of your lawn? It doesn’t have to be a large pool, and a lot of greens around it will make it look astonishing.

Stone and Timber Pool House

If your home features an old house theme, then a pool surrounded by natural stone and varnished timber will look great. Plus, the emerald color of the water will really compliment the stone accents around the Phoenix handyman. It’s as if you have just brought a natural mountain pond to your own backyard.

California Dreams

This design really goes well with a house design that features a classy bungalow style. With marble stones that surround the pool and lots of soft lighting, you’ll be showing off a classy and luxury pool backyard design.

Tile Accents

If you already have a pool and it’s looking a bit old but you don’t have a big budget for a full-blown renovation, then a single upgrade may do the trick. All you need to do is add decorative tiles that go well with the house design, and your pool, home, and backyard will be looking great again.

Natural Space

If you want a pool design that will bring you closer to nature, then place the pool in the middle of a lot of trees. Or, you can have a lot of trees planted around the handyman services Phoenix. Either way, you’ll have a pool that you can relax in and have that one-with-nature vibe.

Classic Theme

If you have a house that features a traditional architectural design, then going for a pool with a classic theme may be the right choice for you and your home. Go with darker shades of stone to surround the pool. Red bricks on the outskirts will also look great. Use decorative stone sculptures around the pool to enhance its aesthetic theme.

Pool With A View

If you have a backyard with a view, then why not make the most of it? What you can do is to build an infinity Phoenix handyman services. Don’t forget to surround the pool with little tables and lounge chairs. Once you have done that, you’ll have the ultimate backyard viewing setting. Don’t be surprised if your backyard becomes the favorite spot of your friends.