Kids' Baths

If there’s one spot in your house that virtually begs for decorating pleasure, it is a kids’ toilet. The options are many and tantalizing: exuberant tile, bright linens, quirky fixtures and candy-colored art. Trouble is, finally the little ones grow up — and you don’t wish to invest a lost of money in a room that will be forever stuck in the toddler years.

Your strategyKeep the bones of the room easy and clean, then overlay them with vibrant accents and tot-friendly colors. Have a look at these 8 amazing kids’ baths for inspiration.

Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

Between the brightly patterned rug, the vibrant tile along with the cool mirror series art, this bathroom broadcasts fun. But get started stripping back the lively layers, and you’re left with a slick space that gets a little advantage from the vivid palette along with the strong geometry.

The lesson: Developing a base that has staying power does not always mean that you need to go neutral.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

Pretty and refreshing, this cottage-style bathroom feels just as appropriate for a young lady as for a little girl. One easy, young touch — the floral shower curtain — completely changes the feel of the room. Even though it would not be out of place in a grownup’s toilet, it could easily be traded for a more restrained pattern or tailored style.

Dick Clark + Associates

Round mirrors and rugs arranged polka-dot style riff on the circular form of the penny tiles that dress every surface of this space.

Little ones would love its playfulness, however if you swapped out the vibrant accents for stylish, minimalist accessories, then it would morph from sweet to sophisticated super fast.

Feinmann, Inc..

Sure, you can find cute frogs on the shower curtain, but it is the sky-blue wall hue that really gives this bathroom kid appeal.

Nothing beats paint for sheer effort-to-impact ratio, which makes it a perfect solution for a space that needs to transition together with the years.

This space could easily go dusty gray, green, khaki, or a different mature color as the children age out and up.

ZeroEnergy Design

At first glance, this setup couldn’t look simpler. But the tile remedy here is no easy feat: The homeowners were able to bring a grid of pastel colors that stops just short of feeling childish.

The look works great for children, but with a few artful improvements, the vinyl walls could give an almost pointillist look.


Evidence in the ability of accessories: A couple brightly manicured towels, a unique towel basket, a stuffed rabbit, and this ultra-minimalist bathroom suddenly feels ideal for little ones. Now picture it with a slick vase in place of the basket, crisp white linens and a bit of contemporary art propped at the close of the bathtub: a dramatic makeover with next to no sweat equity.

Studio Z Architecture

Picture this bathroom with easy brushed-nickel or pewter cupboard knobs instead of the chunky blue ones. It grows up immediately, right? Not only can something as little as hardware transform the look of a room, small touches like this are a great method of bringing whimsy into a kids’ bathroom because they are really easy to reverse down the street.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

What tween would not be over this sizzling area? Hot shade, a shot of layout and also a hint of glamour make for an irresistible combo. The soaked fuchsia feels much more adult than the paler pinks of girlhood.

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