Bocce, Anybody? Get Some Popular Games Into Your Yard Plans

Get the household from the electronic devices and into spending quality time together outside, inspired from these green spaces devoted to favorite yard games.


A backyard that showcase a nice, long rectangular patch of well-manicured lawn is the ideal playing field for a game of bocce, croquet, horseshoes or lawn bowling.

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A plot the size and proportions of a driveway is perfect for a bocce court: 10 to 13 feet wide and 60 to 90 ft long.

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Owing to the long and lean dimensions, a flat side yard is a good location for games that don’t interfere with your daily living. Placing games up near the backyard allows different members of the family to interact or just be near one another while participating in activities that interest them.

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Artificial turf provides a superior surface for lawn bowling or bocce due to its consistency, durability and very low maintenance year round. Additionally, it helps to conserve water and eliminates the need for weed-killing substances.

To avoid a Brady Bunch backyard seem, landscape with actual neighborhood greenery around the lawn’s gaming area. Utilize Bender Boards to define the separation between turf and real plants.

Installing cushioning underneath the synthetic grass will provide the ultimate game area by removing jagged surfaces.

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If artificial turf isn’t your style, but you desire a surface you do not have to water, look for a floor material that will provide minimal bounce. Decomposed granite, sand or crushed oyster shells are all choices that do not need water. These are especially appropriate for arctic climates and for re-creating a genuine Italian villa feel.

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An all-gravel landscape works well with minimalist contemporary architecture, giving it the air of a Zen garden. Proper drainage is necessary to avoid the amount of water from the courtroom. Crushed gravel below the court’s surface material will help.

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A perimeter curb will keep balls in play. One that’s constructed 6 to 18 inches from cast concrete, bricks or blocks will do.

The structure adjacent to this playing area offers a luxurious spot for resting between games, turning this backyard into an oasis.

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A fire pit near your yard patch will allow summer parties to last well into the night.

How to Make a Stacked-Stone Fire Pit

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If lawn bowling and bocce are not for you, try a round green for placing. This one is large enough for Frisbee tossing and croquet.


If you are gifted at landscape — or can hire somebody who is — try your hand at developing a giant chess board. Your visitors will be delighted.

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You could even apply this idea. Alternate concrete or slate square tiles in the driveway so you can play if the mood strikes without committing to a precision lawnmower.

Watch more oversize chess sets

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Even children’ energy sags after hours in sunlight. Erecting a straightforward tepee is an simple, fast and engaging yard activity. Let kids decorate the fabric, line the tepee with quilts and pillows, and step backwards as they relax and retreat to more hours of quiet, creative play.

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