Spectacular Ceilings

Occasionally in decor, we neglect to take into account the ceiling layout. All the houses is a little drama queen. These ceilings laud them, get sucked in, and order us to look up! These architects have shunned gypsum board and (ugh) pop corn, famous beams and wood, and added an ideal light fixtures to improve the ceilings much more.

In Case you happen up on a darkish, claustrophobic inside, feel beyond ripping out the partitions and contemplate the ceilings. Sometimes you might be in a position to go up all of the way to the roofing. In other instances the foot you could possibly get from searching at beams and getting down drywall will make all of the difference on earth.


The Radius Home just had to be ceiling number 1 in this ideabook, principles over all the ensuing architectural moves produced in your house, and as the ceiling itself is composed of exquisite lumber radii.

The ceiling is the icing on the cake, although there’s indeed much to love about that chamber. Whether the form and shudder have at least something related to acoustic guitars, I ponder? Please inform me in the opinion section in case you understand.

Gerner Kronick + Valcarcel, Architects, DPC

It is a contemporary take on a ceiling – the additional lights make sure that the ceiling is the star of the chamber, and also it nearly looks like I am looking in the skeleton of a ceiling.

Gerner Kronick + Valcarcel, Architects, DPC

This ceiling makes me envision a wide range of film storyline notions that explain who the heck satisfies here. Could it be a contemporary round table of knights? A (comparatively) minimalist sultan and his entourage? Extraterrestrial beings and earthlings?

Birdseye Style

This Vermont ski lodge has a barn- vernacular design, as well as the beam building that is utterly stunning requires that it be left uncovered.

SFJones Architects, Inc.

More wonderful beams. I really could let you know what the title of it’s, if I understood more about construction – Does anybody understand? The single thing I understand is a flying

Lewis / Schoeplein architects

It is a kitchen make over. Picture darker and how significantly smaller it appears to be drywalled ceiling, having a fall.

Lewis / Schoeplein architects

It is a detail shot from the exact same kitchen in the picture above.

Dufner Heighes Inc

There is an excellent relationship involving the lines on the chimney as well as the lines with this ceiling.

Hammer Architects

Using planks like this can be an excellent solution to incorporate heat to your room that is contemporary. This esthetic additionally increases the tree house sense of work.

SB Architects

While the Hill Side residence could be categorized as modern, components similar to this ceiling put in a cosy feeling that is conventional.

Griffin Enright Architects