Sparkly, Pretty and White

I am feeling sort of poetic to day – likely because Baltimore had this morning and a huge, sudden snow yesterday, sunlight is shining also it is not hot as well as the freezing snow within my lawn is glowing diamonds. It is pretty to look at from my good kitchen, although harmful as something to walkon.

And inspiring. I really like the appearance of white paired with sparkles and shimmers – like in these chambers:

National Narratives with Ivy

The classic Albert Van Luit background of Ivy Type 33’s has layout and that dull shimmer. It is not difficult to find out why it hangs as artwork.

Silver accents and the lead crystal light fixture in this chamber truly do make sparkle that is white just like a brilliant morning following a snowstorm.

I really like this bath and all its outrageous glamor – but its the wallpaper I am emphasizing nowadays. With merely a bit shimmer it is best.

Carolyn Aiken’s Prince Edward Island bungalow is full of bedrooms that consider dainty and pretty to a fresh degree, combining light neutral patterns with add-ons and spotless white furniture.

White on white on white with a little crimson in the blossoms – this chamber is not totally autumnal. Plus, what an astonishing light fixture.

Gast Architects

This white is not so impractical, and that I love how clear it appears. Plus, these eyeglasses include only the correct quantity of sparkle.

Alek, from in The Right Bank to the Left Coastline, actually understands the best way to include female and white crystal into her house. I really like this mirror as well as the way it operates using the chandelier.

The Ratty Nest

I really like Wendy’s (from Wendy’s ratty nest) quite, girly, light throw pillows.

I believe it’s perfect using the lead crystal chandelier and really like this ceiling.