Home Accessorizing Made Simple

Accessories are what give an inside soul and help differentiate a house from a furniture showroom. When accessories are done correctly, they tell the story of their owners’ lives — their passions, their journeys … and maybe their heartbreak. But accessorizing a house can be a scary thing. We’re often unsure what to include, what to leave out and how to arrange the things that remain. Fear not. As soon as you realize the fundamentals, accessorizing could be a snap.

Look around your house, attic, basement and lawn for possible accessories. At times it’s not the thing itself, however you exhibit it, that counts. Frequent objects like stones, shells or pinecones make great accessories — if you gather enough of them and display them in an attractive bowl. Arrange costume jewelry onto a tray or fill out a bowl with decorative matchbooks. The next time you travel, skip the T-shirt shop and head for the antiques shop, craft gallery or flea market. You’ll come home with something appealing and a story to go with this.

The bottom line: If you have fun with your own accessories, your loved ones and friends will get pleasure from them, also. Check out more information and find more inspiration beneath.

Christopher Burns Interiors

Avoid placing like things at opposite ends of a fireplace mantel. (Imagine how boring that this mantel could have been if one candlestick sat on each end.) Rather, rely on clusters of objects to balance one another. Propped and overlapped photos feel much more casual and curated than artwork that is hung, and in this instance help unite the vignettes on each end of the mantel.

Kerrie L. Kelly

Avoid dispersing individual accessories round a space. Organize them in groups, combining items that share an identical palette, texture or character. Unless you’re dealing with a collection of indistinguishable objects, change the size of the pieces and lean toward having an odd number for each vignette so things do not get too symmetrical or matchy-matchy. Organize the items in a pyramid, from highest to lowest, with the tallest thing in back. If an item is small, group it with other small things on a tray or in a bowl. If it’s too low, set it beneath a decorative box or books.

Paul Davis Architects

Unless you are living in a library, combine accessories with books. (Only keep the paperbacks from the bedroom or someplace inconspicuous.) If you do not own books, purchase some in a yard sale or library purchase — they do wonders to warm up a room and are one of the least expensive accessories you can find.

Not My Favorite Books! Pain-free Ways to Reduce Your Library

Do not forget the anchor. The candles with this coffee table anchor the arrangement and are surrounded by objects of descending size. Small things are grouped onto a tray, so they have a collective existence. The bowl of apples functions just like fresh blossoms — it makes this feel as a “living” structure rather than something that was put here two decades back and never touched.

Tiffany Eastman Interiors, LLC

Pay attention to scale. Your arrangement should not be too large or too puny for the surface it’s on. And do not feel as though you have to fill every tabletop — the eye needs a chance to rest, also.

Since all 3 things on this particular coffee table are roughly the same size, the coral was set atop a stack of books to stagger the peaks. Notice how the book jackets pick up the color of the vase and the seat cushion.

Adrienne DeRosa

Group objects that share a common character, while it’s a unifying color, finish or texture. In this instance the figure, skull, box and bowl all share a similar color palette and feel of history — as does the tortoise shell out on the coffee table.

Julie Ranee Photography

If you’re a collector, do not hide your fire in a neart. Group items together on shelves or tabletops, or display them on a wall. (Unless the objects are delicate or valuable, prevent curio cabinets, which frequently look fusty and inhibit interaction.) Combining lots of like matters gives them a collective weight that they would not have individually. The collections do not have to be matters of great value, either, as shown by this display of straw hats.

Sutro Architects

Know that almost anything can look great if you set enough of them together. If you’ve got a restricted number of great pieces, throw in a couple of imposters; you can always replace the affordable examples with better ones as you acquire them.

Zuniga Interiors

Echo an accent color. If your chamber has a dominant accent color, echo it in the drapes to tie the space together. Here the orange of the walls is repeated in the vases, and also in some of the coral. On the foreground table, notice how a footed bowl provides the coral height and scattering the arrangement.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Keep your eyes amused. Here’s another example where the accessories select up the dominant accent color in the room and give your eye someplace to travel. The glass compotes on the coffee table make even ordinary objects appear special.


Look for equilibrium. Interior designer Jay Jeffers knows his way around an accessory! I like how he used the sculpture to equilibrium the lamp onto the console table here, and also the artwork group to equilibrium the tall picture and help bridge the space between the furniture and the ceiling in what is obviously a tall space.

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

Be open to surprise. When an everyday thing is taken out of context and treated as a work of art, it can take on special significance. This old scale is now part of a still life. I’ve seen people decorate with vintage microscopes, scissors — even old lawn sprinklers. The only limit is the creativity.

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City View: Miami Design Keeps an Open Mind

In terms of design, when you’re thinking “Miami,” don’t believe “vice.” “Cheesy black and white leather and chrome is a common misconception in regards to Miami design,” states North Miami interior designer Ivonne Ronderos of of DKOR Interiors. “Because so many of the homes here are second homes, the owners are way more open minded to style; they are lively rather than formal.” The rich mixture of history and cultures, the most recent style styles and colour inspired by the colorful surroundings all play a part in providing Miami its different style.

Despite the spectacle that Miami’s Art Basel exhibition is now, we’re presenting a virtual visit for those who can not make the series (December 6 to 9, 2012). Here is what’s happening from the Miami design scene today.

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami

In lieu of the 1980s Crockett and Tubbs cheesy bachelor look, Ronderos took a sophisticated approach with this manly area, layering rich textures and warm neutrals.

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

“In Miami individuals are open and keen for new ideas, not the typical interior,” states Ronderos. Case in point: this striking photograph that looks like a gorgeous slab in a powder room.

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

Ronderos also notes the way insides reflect the climate and the seaside environment. “The weather affects a lot how that people perceive their distance and how they want their distance to sense — it’s simple, free and brings the outside in.”

“Culture is also a large influence in creating a different Miami look,” states Ronderos. “You view it inside the regional vendors: Ornare, Adriana Hoyos, Artefacto … it affects the general design of furniture, accessories and finishes.”

Nicole White Designs Interiors LLC

“Color to me is synonymous with Miami design,” says interior designer Nicole White. “Our designs here are deeply influenced by many vivid things, including the ocean, plenty of foliage that never fades and, possibly most different, the selection of cultures we have to draw from here that invariably affect and influence our designs.”

Nicole White Designs Interiors LLC

“We are a diversely rich community, where in a couple of minutes, it is possible to take a drive down precisely the same road and listen to English, Creole, Spanish and Portuguese,” White says. “With that mixture of language comes a exceptional mixture of experiences, and therefore it’s hard not to have that mirrored when you style.”

Nicole White Designs Interiors LLC

“I believe more than anything, the bold splashes of colour I often use in my designs are a direct representation of the vibrancy transported from those civilizations,” White says. “This vibrancy can be often showcased in artwork via endeavors that directly reflect a customer’s history and private musings.” She’s excited about purchasing Art Basel this season with a customer who’s a first-time homeowner.

DawnElise Interiors

While Miami designers don’t shy away from color, they are also embracing neutrals. “A new fad juxtaposes natural colours and materials with items having a more mechanical sense,” says interior designer Dawn Elise.

Case in point: Leather, wood and cowhide mingle with classic Toledo stools, steel and glass.

DawnElise Interiors

Of course, it’s not all neutrals for Elise, who notes Miami designers also use pastels in a distinctive and forward-thinking way. “They can be done tastefully and look great,” she states.


Interior designer Claudia Lujan notes that Miami homes incorporate clean lines that are clean.


Lujan also notes that colour is a large factor and that she receives inspiration from the runways.


“Miami is about fashion and who has the most recent things; the latest style trends inspire my designs,” Lujan states.

Complex Designs

“Over the past 100 or so decades, Miami has seen the tides of design ebb and flow together with all the cultural influences that have landed on our sunny beaches,” says Vic Lohmann, president of Complex Designs. “This wonderful melting pot of flavor makes the area strangely varied and gives a special backdrop of saying.”

Complex Designs

Lohmann points out the influence being a significant port has on design. “Geographically, we’re fortunate to have a global delivery hub in our backyard, so there’s never a shortage of new products like rock, tile, millwork in addition to a very well-heeled artwork marketplace and acquaintances,” he states. “By matching the ever-shifting demands of imagination together with the huge sources of product, you’ve got the perfect incubator for cutting edge design.”

Complex Designs

“No matter an individual’s taste in furnishings, finish and style, there’s a home for it and no shortage of local talent in executing a job from concept to delivery,” Lohmann says.

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11 Wonderful Ways to Use Wool Around Your Home

Wool has a deep, warm, rich look and a long history. This fabric dates back to earlier history was recorded, when people found that sheepskin would keep them warm when the weather was cool and cold when it had been hot, and would absorb moisture without feeling wet. When it would be difficult to duplicate a fiber with the attributes that wool has, modern technology has enhanced some of its undesirable traits: Now’s wool creases well and is shrink resistant, mothproof and even stain resistant. Because of these technological improvements, wool stays a very popular option today.

CWB Architects

Plain blankets. Warm in winter and cool in summer, wool is a great solution for blankets. It’s also more resistant to fire than other natural fibers.

Dyed blankets. Wool fabric holds dye well, so the color lasts longer. Regrettably, it needs mothproofing.


Rugs. Wool fibers’ antistatic properties and natural resistance to soiling makes them a desirable selection for rugs. But when wool will not get dirty, it is not as easy to wash as some synthetic fibers.

lynn-anne bruns

Toilet accessories. Much like when it’s on a sheep, wool is hydrophobic (resists water) and resists odors, so it performs well in the bath area.

Niche Interiors

Sheepskin throws. A sheepskin throw adds a romantic touch and a welcome layer of cushion to furniture.

Watch more manners with sheepskin throws

Stern McCafferty

Sheepskin rugs. The natural sense of wool in its natural state makes a room feel cozy and comfortable. Do not worry about the long fibers — wool resists crushing.

FORMA Design

Felted accessories. These felted wool stones by Vivaterra add a unique flair to a space — and also show off the diversity of wool fibers.

Tracery Interiors

Wool throws. Wool is considered hypoallergenic, which makes it a great fabric for a throw cover. But, washing pure wool with alkaline detergents can harm it.

Ryland Peters & Small | CICO Books

Knitting. Wool in its natural state has a crimp into its strand, which generates a flexible property when it’s woven into yarn. The elasticity makes it more lasting and a wonderful product to knit or crochet with.

Gaile Guevara

Upholstery. Wool is a great selection for upholstery since it resists piling and breaking, meaning it’s extra durable.

AIA, mark English Architects

Bedding. Wool’s wrinkle resistance makes for a beautiful bed cover. The fabric can feel very soft when the organic lanolin isn’t eliminated from the fiber.

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12 Ways to Celebrate a Fabulous Patterned Headboard

I’m advocating breaking among my design rules. Well, I don’t really believe in strict design rules, but generally I try to stay large investment bits (such as beds) neutral, solid and classic, and bring in prints, designs, bolder colors and fashionable fabrics through less permanent items like rugs, throw pillows, duvet covers and window treatments.

However, these gorgeous patterned headboards have been screaming for my attention, and I cannot ignore them any further. Can you sleep under a patterned headboard? In that case, what type of fabric or pattern would you use? Allow me to know in the Comments section!

Laura U, Inc..

Move bold and go for height — lively fabrics and exaggerated verticality on a headboard may change the entire feeling of a room. These brilliant textiles increase the Moroccan style of the home, and the wall behind them painted to chair-rail height tricks the eye, distorting how we perceive the colours and proportions.

Bliss Design

Extend the headboard to fresh heights to show a beautiful cloth on it and your shams. It would have been a design travesty not to show this suzani fabric off.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Match a sham or a different pillow to the headboard. This will provide a look vertically , such as those shams do to the bedscape.

Annette English

To tie a bigger area to the mattress, extend the headboard behind nightstands. A daring pattern grounds this mattress with the proper scale.

Vanessa De Vargas

You don’t have to use cloth to do this idea. At the Upward Bound House, interior designer Vanessa De Vargas used wallpaper to create the look of an extended headboard.

You might even use a special traditional fabric. Style Sponge blogger Grace Bonney helped teach the masses about traditional Mexican Otomi embroidery with her famous DIY headboard.

Shop Otomi cloths

Troy Spurlin Interiors

Repeat the pattern on twin or triplet beds. Here, an electric paisley pattern repeated on three bedrooms and window treatments enlivens the room.

Cherie Marcel

Use remnants for a exceptional patchwork design. Creative decorator Cherie Marcel didn’t let her cloth samples go to squander; rather, she used them to fashion a fabulous headboard.

Designs for Living

Allow the headboard headboard to be the celebrity of the bedscape. Maintain the duvet and shams solid and with minimal detailing, such as this hotel-style bedding, and use a minimal amount of coordinating throw pillows.

Martha O’Hara Interiors

Coordinate with a bed skirt or a mattress platform to create continuity.

Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

Pay attention to the way in which the pattern relates to the headboard’s silhouette. Here the vertical stripes highlight the point near the top of the headboard. Note the way the stripes onto the bed skirt and the headboard align.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

If you don’t have a headboard, then create the illusion of one by hanging a quilt on the wall above the bed. It may cozy up a room and create interesting proportions with stunning height.

Read more headboard ideas

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Kitchen of the Week: Casual and Coastal at Ireland

This updated kitchen on the coast of Howth, Ireland, was developed to combine with all the family’s living areas and catch the texture of the surrounding ocean. Durable materials, a beachy palette and plenty of open space were musts for its clients, who hired Joanne Reilly of Mc Adam Kitchens to design a space with a casual dining area, a defined breakfast bar and a layout that opens into the rest of the home.

Mc Adam Kitchens

The sea-green kitchen cabinetry is constructed from hand-painted oak sanded to reveal the wood beneath. Since the kitchen has views of the ocean, courtyard and the rest of the home, Reilly chose soft colours that would use everything.

Particular details help bring the kitchen into life, from the rustic metal hardware into the drawers engraved with all the childrens’ names. “Regardless of what angle you look at, there is something to keep you interested,” says Reilly.

Mc Adam Kitchens

The functional region of the kitchen is in the trunk, together with the sink, trash and dishwasher within an island facing the stove. There’s plenty of counter space on the bar prep area and on either side of the stove.

Mc Adam Kitchens

The kitchen is linked to a living space. A round breakfast bar makes it possible for the household to sit facing whatever direction they like. A small unit for glassware storage joins the pub with the major island. A row of small drawers on the kitchen island holds spices and other regularly used pantry products.

Mc Adam Kitchens

An ocean view is offered by A built-in seat. A table can be inserted to make a casual dining space. Soft limed oak floors and glass pendants finish the appearance that was coastal.

Mc Adam Kitchens

The kitchen is planned to the last detail — there is nothing . “There certainly aren’t rows of cabinets that are endless for gathering plenty of useless items, however there are plenty of pullout drawers to store essential things,” says Reilly. Silestone quartz countertops were chosen due to their durability and effortless maintenance, and the light color feels at home in this beach home.

More Kitchens of the Week:
A Fresh Combination of New and Old
Traditional Townhouse in D.C.
Exposed Brick Arches in Illinois

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Casual Wall Art Arrangements Show Deliberate Style

Are you among those men and women who’s afraid to pound nails into freshly painted walls for fear you will put a hole in the “wrong” place? Well, fear no longer. Hanging wall decoration randomly is easier than ever and will give a space a sense of individuality that ideal gridlike arrangements can’t.

The crucial thing is to maintain the arrangement loose however the spacing tight so the overall effect is one big focal point. Repeat key components — colors, fabrics, shapes — inside the arrangement to get a look that’s casual yet pulled together.

Create loosely arranged gallery walls in household spaces for a fun effect, in formal spaces to get a bit of informality, in modern rooms to get a dose of character, in spaces for inspiration and also in small vignettes for spontaneity.

So put the tape measure, stand back and sneak a peek at the bigger, more imperfect picture. It’ll have you filling those partitions with holes very quickly.

Rethink Design Studio

Thwart the difficult mission of locating the perfect-size bit to meet with a narrow stairwell by grouping together an eclectic collection of framed mirrors and art. The placement around this doorway is balanced but not perfectly symmetrical, lending a casual sense.


For a family-friendly room, exhibit happy artwork in frames of the same material but of different dimensions. Repeating the same framework on one wall unifies the artwork. Contrary to popular belief, filling a wall artwork to the ceiling may actually make it seem taller.

Watch the rest of the home


Use a sliver of wall space to make a spontaneous vignette which includes wall-hugging furniture plus a medley of wall decoration. Defy tradition and hang modern canvases among vintage photographs and gilded mirrors. Relate the arrangement to the furniture by extending it down the wall in addition to up.

Jeanette Lunde

Use a cluster of colorful artwork to pick upon the colour scheme of a room. Here, pinks, browns and aquas lift the otherwise all-white decoration. Hang large pieces in the center of the arrangement together with smaller frames closely surrounding them for one large focal point.

Watch the rest of this room

Lauren Gries

Loosely arranged wall artwork can be complex. Mix and match frame dimensions but keep the colour scheme restricted and subdued. Limit the palette to three or two colors. In this living room, the golden, cream and brown artwork collection is appropriate while the imperfect arrangement is informal. It’s a comparison that works.


In a home office, group an range of inspirational prints and photos above the desk to maintain creative juices flowing. Hang larger frames first, then fill in the gaps with smaller ones. Change out artwork as crucial to maintain a fresh view.

sarah & bendrix

For a cleaner look, line up the bottom edge of a loose arrangement with the back of a sofa and maintain the spaces between frames to a minimum. Within this neutral living room, black frames comparison against a white wall and also pick up on the black details of the throw cushions.


Get playful in a casual living space by creating a loosely arranged focal point in a defunct wall. Skip the popular grid arrangement and hang eyeglasses randomly. This gives you the freedom to add more artwork on a whim.

Glenn Gissler Design

A clear option above a mantel is a mirror. However, for a more laid-back texture, hang a large piece of artwork off-center and lean a smaller framework against the wall. This uncontrived installation brings a sense of informality to an otherwise formal space.

A Gallery Wall for Every Character

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Design Calendar: Feb. 17-March 9, 2012

Soak in style and sun as you lace up your shoes with this year’s Venice Modern Home Tour at Los Angeles. Admire the architectural beauty and interiors of nine Westside homes. Learn ways to find that ideal interior layout shot from photographer David Livingston. And when winter weather gets you down, have a look at the terrarium exhibit at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden or half of a million flowers in bloom at the Dallas Arboretum. Continue reading for 5 selections of what to do and watch now.

David Duncan Livingston

WORKSHOP — Feb. 29, 2012, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Photography Workshop: Interior Vignettes on La Cienega
716 North La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles

Calling all interior photography shutterbugs! Internationally recognized interiors photographer David Duncan Livingston will direct a hands on workshop showing how to take and write better interior photographs. You’ll find out how to block out a photograph composition, how to look for the ideal light and how to operate with natural light. Through a mix of brief discussions and live demos you may remove straightforward, practical tips about item placement, photo cropping, when to use which lens, and camera angles and height will enhance your shot. Photoshop, Lightroom, meta tagging, rights and utilization issues will also be covered.

This workshop is geared to photographers of all levels — from iPhone into DSLR shooters. The workshop will begin at the Therien showroom, then move on to Hollywood at Home.

Cost: $175, such as lunch

Julius Shulman

HOME TOUR — Feb. 18, 2012, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Venice Modern Home Tour, Venice and Mar Vista, California

Go on a self-guided tour of nine architecturally progressive homes on Los Angeles’ Westside. Featuring the work of Tighe Architecture, Ortiz Mexia Projects, Carson Architects, Glen Irani and others, the tour allows you peek inside these amazing homes and come away motivated. The homes were selected by Ingrid Spencer, contributing editor for Architectural Record.

Cost: $30 advance online purchase, $40 day of; free to children 12 and younger

Jae Hi Ahn

EXHIBIT — Through Feb. 26
Brooklyn Botanical Garden
900 Washington Ave., Brooklyn, New York

The chilly gloom can frequently inspire indoor gardens to blossom. On display at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Steinhardt Conservatory is a imaginative exhibition pairing delicate terrariums with art installations by Brooklyn artist Jae Hi Ahn. Ahn uses easy artificial materials such as plastic tubes and wires to pay tribute to the organic forms of the natural world. Extended rows of terrariums housed in a variety of vessels exhibit unique miniature plant worlds on tables, even though some of Ahn’s advanced sculptures hang from skylights.

The backyard is available until 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday before March 11 and until 6 p.m. from March 13 to November 4; weekday entry is free.


TULIP SHOW — March 3-April 8, 2012
Dallas Blooms, Dallas Arboretum, 8525 Garland Rd., Dallas

For an instant mood lifter, head to the Dallas Arboretum to admire an impressive display of more than 500,000 colorful flower types, such as tulips, daffodils, Dutch iris and hyacinths, pansies, violas, poppies and tens of thousands of other spring-blooming annuals and perennials. In this flower festival, cherry blossom trees may also blossom for a 10-day period.

Whilst soaking from the blooming extravaganza, check out the exhibition Small Houses of Great Artists, built and created by Bob Hoebeke of Hoebeke Builders and other Dallas architects. It will open to the general public through Dallas Blooms and will run through Dec. 31, 2012. A fine art show and sale named ArtScape will also occur in the backyard March 16-18, including the works of 100 artists from around the nation.

Joe Woolhead

LECTURE — March 6, 2012, 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
The Butler-VanderLinden Lecture on Architecture comprising Craig Dykers of Snøhetta
Art Institute of Chicago, Rubloff Auditorium
111 South Michigan Ave., Chicago

Join Craig Dykers, cofounder and principal of Snøhetta, for an engaging lecture highlighting his recent endeavors. Dykers conducts an integrated architecture, landscape, and interior design practice in Oslo and New York. In recent years, the company has won international competitions for major American jobs, such as an expansion of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the redesign of Times Square, and the National September 11 Memorial Museum Pavilion at the site of the World Trade Center (photograph ). Dykers is a fellow of the Institute for Urban Design in New York.

Cost: $5 students, $10 A&D members, $15 public. Register online here.

More 2012 design occasions: Feb. 4-24, Feb. 6-Mar. 2, 2012

What’s on your calendar? Let us know in the Comments!

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Guest Picks: Loving Lacquer

If it comes to adding a punch of whimsical freshness to any room in the home, you can not beat lacquer. From the French term lacre, meaning”a kind of sealing wax,” lacquer is a phrase for a very clear or colored tough, durable finish that can vary from a subtle sheen to a high gloss. White, glowing and everything in between, lacquer adds a hint of glow to everything around it. — Kristy And Beth in My Design Chic

Nightright Orange Side Table – $938

Bring laquer into the bedroom with a table. We love the glass top with this one because it’s easy to wipe, making it ideal for maintaining a glass of water right at hand all night long.

Jonathan Adler

Lacquer Block Cocktail Table – $1,495

If it comes to decor, 1 statement bit can totally make the room. We’d use this coffee table between a set of tufted, white leather sofas for a fresh, contemporary feel.

Modern Wastebaskets – $48

The toilet isn’t a place to skimp on fabulous design. The glow of lacquer is ideal for the bath, and a punch of color makes it more enjoyable.

Jonathan Adler

Round Lacquer Waste Basket – $68

For a fantastic accessory at a room that requires white, we’d choose this waste basket. It would be ideal for adding a sleek touch to a posh workplace.

Jonathan Adler

Desmond Screen – $995

We’ve never needed a display before, but that lacquered one makes us wish we did. Our ultimate use of a display like this? Creating a separate dressing room at a gigantic closet!


Bungalow 5 Jacqui Table – $600

The enjoyable shape of the bungalow table makes it among our selections for an out-of-the-box coffee table. Accessorize it with a couple of gorgeous books for instant style.


Bungalow 5 Green Tray – $165

A brightly colored tray is the perfect method to add a punch of color to a room. We’d use this one in addition to a creature print ottoman.


Lacquer Jewelry Box, Turquoise – $135

Everybody wants a fashionable place to stash their paintings, but a plain wooden box can be dull. We’d add pizzazz to our dresser for this turquoise box.


Lacquered Boxes, Poppy Yellow – $90

Pretty accessories are superb, and if they include storage, all the better. These boxes are perfect for stashing office accessories or papers to keep a squeaky-clean desk.


Lacquered Trays, White And Orange Edge – $140

For storing mail, paperwork or other odds and ends that seem to get scattered about the house, a pair of vibrant lacquered trays is a must. We’d continue to keep these in the kitchenbecause that is where most of our crap tends to accumulate.

Shop Ten 25

Wangright Orange Lacquer Cocktail Table – $559

Glass top tables would be our choice for the ideal cocktail tables. Put out beverages and hors d’oeuvres without worrying about spills or bands — no coasters required!

Zinc Door

Tini Table II Z – $485

If a solid color just isn’t your style, this tiny table with upholstered top is just the thing. The animal print adds a touch of the unexpected. We enjoy this table for beside a bed.

Zinc Door

Newport Square Mirror – $1,155

If it comes to mirrors, getting stuck at a frameless rut can be simple. Get out of that rut with a pleasure colored lacquer frame. We’d use this one in a kid’s bathroom.

Zinc Door

Tropical White Mirror – $450

There’s nothing cleaner than white, but occasionally a plain white frame can get a little dull. Liven things up with a fabulous texture. We’d select this frame for a shore entrance hall positioned over a great console.

White Lacquer Trellis Mirror – $563

For a more sophisticated space, we love this trellis mirror. It’s simple to hang vertically or horizontally, making it work in a variety of spots.

Shop Ten 25

Studly White Lacquer Cabinet – $2,125

If you enjoy the look of lacquer but believe it’s a touch too glamorous, toughen it up using hardware. We believe this piece is ideal because it would work in a living area, bedroom or hallway.

Shop Ten 25

White Laquer Oriental 2-Drawer Chest – $1,495

We can see this patterned chest at a Palm Beach home. The three-dimensional detail adds interest, and we love the elegant feet.

haute + box

Allen TV Stand, White Lacquer – $1,100

When focusing on decor, the TV can be tricky. We’d display ours in design with this gorgeous TV stand.


A Pair Of French Red-lacquered Club Chairs

For luxury influence in a living space, a seat with a lacquered frame and cushioned seat is ideal. We love a statement color, particularly in a neutral area.

Zinc Door

Southport Coffee Table – $1,981

Turquoise is one of our favorite colors for instant beach house design. The pattern of the table is super chic. Paired with furniture that is neutral and a couple of turquoise bits, the look is fun and finished.

Next: Maintain Things Fresh with a Bright Lacquer End

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Southern Fashion: State Luxe

Along the coast line of South Georgia and Carolina is a area brimming with houses rich in tradition and history. Affectionately called the State, occupants live below sea-level, but their houses rest on a name of style and grandeur.

The insides draw inspiration from nature and generally include antiques passed down through generations. Furniture and makes to get a house that’s full of understanding of the shore and accessories designed by local artists locate a prominent place in State decor.

In this ideabook, I give you a dose of Southern hospitality, a guided tour of State spaces, and supply recommendations on reaching a coastal appearance at home, wherever you reside.


Decor and southern-style in this Daniel Island living area mingle. Cane -backed seats and silkscreened pagoda grasscloth coexists superbly using brass chandelier and a conventional black dining table. Blending fashions enables a room to sense cautiously curated, maybe not rolled up.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

When re-purposed heirlooms obtain new lifestyle. An antique chest of drawers is retrofitted and topped using bowl sink, and a rock dressing table, back splash to generate a powder tub whose fashion will live another 100 years.

More furniture as vanities


A beachfront favourite second to blue, coral, jointly with different wood tones seen in an classic barley turn table the protections, as well as a armoire unveil the hotter aspect of coastal fashion.


French-divine vanilla and caramel- cupboards take on a normal look in the circumstance of the State kitchen. The butcher block counter extension provides a component that is pastoral, while the classic pendants that are double keep it refined.


Nature’s gift in the ocean, shells, include a third dimension to a vanity mirror that is typical. Organizing honey-onyx counters therefore are as permanent as they’re stunning and accept the look of shell.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Chock full of fine antiques, this bedroom that is mono-chromatic could be anyplace on the planet. The ceiling fan, using its palm leaf blades provide hints to the venue of the restful escape.


This living area — using drapery panels, Chinese buffet that is red, and its varied chairs collection — edges the lines of diverse and transitional. Rattan seats and head seats that are slipcovered really helps to attain the design of design and simple Nation living.

Julia Ryan

Powdery partitions mimic obvious heavens in a Pawleys Island dwelling area that is modern. The sand-and-surf colour palette is improved by the golden framed art work and made more intriguing with pops of feisty and purple animal -print pillows.

Residing the Excellent Life, Lowcountry Type
Search mo Re house layout pictures

50 Pictures of Awesome Holiday Decorations

The holiday season are here, and their wonderful vacation décor thoughts have been discussed by several of our gifted Houzz buddies with us! Each of those jobs is inspiring and exceptional. Hopefully you will love these ornamentation that are creative and want you all happy holidays!

Tobi Fairley Home Design

Tobi Pretty invited Santa for breakfast:
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Tobi Fairley Home Design

And saved a place for Rudolph also:
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Diana Martini

Diana Martini from Please Sir site used the wreath to show her exquisite classic sets:
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The Content House Website

Belinda from the Content House site created “easypeasy xmas paper garlands”:

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The artist Kim Parker and her moms artwork carton inspired Marta Lytton Smith from Open-Door Studio. By layering classic shiny brite ornaments, she created a chroma of colour on the synthetic Xmas tree.

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Marta painted 3 trees to accompany her artwork carton divine tree after finishing the tree. Her moms classic art box decked-out with vibrant Christmas tree balls bursting in the middle of the area. She added touches on Xmas decor through the entire area to get a brand new take.

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Aesthetic Outburst

Abbey Hendrickson from Aesthetic Outburst site used a tree branch, her excellent classic bird collection as well as some enchanting deers to decorate for the holidays:

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Brian Patrick Flynn from Decor Demon held silver, green, reddish and gold completely off his limitations. Instead he decided purple, brown, white and bronze because of his lebensraum:
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Decor Demon’s UV dining environment:
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For Decor Demon even the sock monkey is purple:
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It is The Small Things…

Karla from The Small Things that Makes a House a House site used a grapevine garland to make an attractive rural mantel decor:
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It is The Small Things…

A nearer seem of Karla’s grapevine pastoral garland:
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Tobi Fairley Home Design

Tobi Pretty and her daughter employed sock monkeys to beautify the tree:
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A nearer appear of the small monkey on the tree in the Pretty’s residence:
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Mustard Seed Interiors

Miss Mustard from Miss Mustard-Seed site used a vintage baby buggy framework as a tiny Santa sleigh full of decorations:
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Mustard Seed Interiors

A nearer seem of the particular sleigh Skip Mustard-Seed made for for Santa:
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Michelle Edwards

Michelle Edwards from Sweet Some Thing Layouts site used employed a candle and plastic candy canes to make an attractive Christmas center-piece:

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Michelle Edwards

Michelle Edwards- Xmas center-piece:

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My Sweet Savannah

Melaine from My Sweet Savannah site used miniature marshmallows, candy canes, mugs, and hot cocoa to enhance her kitchen for the vacations:
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My Sweet Savannah

And a nearer appear of Melaine’s kitchen decor:
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Youthful House Love

Sherry and John from Young Residence Love did an incredible DIY job creating a decoration by using their daughter’s cut out shape:

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Young Residence Love

and they did still another edition featuring their daughter’s hand-print:
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Youthful House Love

Sherry and John from Young Residence Love- the tree as well as the mantel decor:

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Monica Ewing

Monica Ewing from Crafty Nest produced large craft snow-flakes from Popsicle sticks:

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Monica Ewing

And embellished her living area with one of these wonderful DIY snow-flakes:
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Pullga from Casa Craze, Italy developed an astonishing coming tree from small present boxes to beautify the children room:

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And a nearer appear of Pullga’s Do-It-Yourself adorable tree:

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Kootut murut

Jutta from Kootut Murut website gave up the huge tree in 2013 and created this wonderful miniature variation coupled with vacation sweets:

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Michelle Edwards

Michelle Edwards from Sweet Some Thing Layouts blog created jingle bell do-or hanger, “only as if it were right off Santa’s”. Here she hanged it on a seat, finishing her gay outside vacation decor:

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Michelle Edwards

Michelle Edwards- a nearer appear of the jingle bell door-hanger: Read the whole story here »

Monica Ewing

Monica Ewing from Crafty nest produced craft stick introduction calendar with “origami” cartons:
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Stephanie Woody

Stephanie from the Providence Handcrafted site decorated with pleasant patchwork wall-hangings:

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Restyled House

Linda from Re-Styled House site used an enchanting vacation “metro” signal to contend her mantel decor:

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My Sweet Savannah

Melaine from My Sweet Savannah website created an introduction calendar having straightforward license plates from your office supply shop, a vintage framework, cup hooks plus various small decorations.
Her thought was to consider an ornament away and stick it at the tree daily in December:

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The Pleased Residence Website

Belinda from the Joyful House site created a novel-page wreath:

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Morning T

In the Morning T site the chandelier is incredibly decorated for the vacation:
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Morning T

And even the wine bottles got a specific treatment:

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Chris Kauffman

Chris Kauffman from CKinteriors website decorated white this yr:
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Between Rests on the Veranda

Susan from Between Rests on the Veranda site used ice-skates to decorate her entrance:
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Michelle Edwards

Michelle Edwards from Pleasant Something Layouts blog employed stumps as candleholders to perform her magical Xmas decor:

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The Pleased Home Weblog

Belinda from the Joyful House site had excellent DIY tips for gift wraps & cards:
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My Sweet Savannah

Melaine from My Sweet Savannah website decorated the dining ledges with classic publications as well as a glossy moss:
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Yvonne Stehle

Yvonne from Moline site used a large branch to set up the birdie tree:

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Yvonne Stehle

And additionally a little branch and snow-flakes to enhance her entrance:

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Pullga from Casa Pattern, Italy
embellished with do-it-yourself ice wreath:
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Ida Life-Style

Ilaria Chiaratti from IDA Inside Life-Style produced amini tree from several branches and xmas lights:

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The Pleased House Website

A gay hanging lantern centre piece was created by Belinda from the Content Residence site from bathroom rolls

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Joslyn from Easy Wonderful site used a couple of small white trees to beautify:

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Stephanie Woody

Stephanie from the Providence Handcrafted site used adorable small cards with Christmases phrases to enhance her mantel:

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