Elevate Your Everyday Edibles Into Kitchen Artwork

Ever since kitchens became about entertaining and aesthetics as about cooking, there’s been one big, lingering question: How can I cook and keep things orderly? If you inquire, there’s no reason to hide away the culinary fundamentals. Spices, dry products and veggies and fruits, when displayed properly, can develop into a fashionable area of the decor. With a few simple tweaks, maintaining the heart of the house guest prepared and making it usable do not need to be mutually exclusive.

Du Bois Design Ltd

If you like the idea of having veggies and fruits where you could view them but think that a typical fruit bowl is passé, a beautiful tray similar to this is a perfect place for keeping edibles right at hand at a fashionable way.

Blount Architectual and Interior Design

Another super-snazzy alternate to the fruit jar, this modern rack keeps all of your edibles right where you’re able to view them prevents the inevitable mush on the base of the fruit. The splash of red is indeed fun!

Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs

It is a fact of life that some create is not really prepared to enter the refrigerator when it is purchased. If you are not a fan of having unripe berries and salmon lined up on the window sill, a unique vessel similar to this is essential.

Glass Canisters | Williams-Sonoma

Glass canisters top our listing of stylish ways to display your meals. Fill them with oats, grains, beans, pasta or, yes, freshly baked cookies.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Sugar, flour, grains and other dry products are kitchen musts. Why hide them off when they enhance the decor?

Nordby Design Studio

Even when you’re not much of a cook, then clear canisters are a slick touch onto a counter. If flour, pasta and the like aren’t daily requirements for youpersonally, coffee beans and also loose-leaf teas are a beautiful alternative.

Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs

We do not always have a thoroughly prepared cheese tray just lying around. But, like flowers, appetizers are an appealing way to decorate your home for guests.


Stacked Optic-Glass Beverage Server – $109.90

Whether you are entertaining a crowd or just trying to get your eight glasses every day, a beautiful drink server is another dual-purpose kitchen item. The color and dimension add pizzazz to the counter, and everybody has their favourite drink all day long.

Powell/Kleinschmidt, Inc..

If you are tired of having spices cluttering your free cabinet space, let them see the light of day. This wall-mounted spice rack retains favorites close to the stove. It looks fantastic and makes it simpler to provide all of your favourite meals a healthy dash.

Cuisinox Magnetic Countertop Spice Rack – $250

Spices are beautiful to show, particularly when their canisters are as glossy as the decor. We love how modern this spice rack is and think its magnetic feature is so handy!

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