Guest Groups: A New Side to Faceted Furnishings

I recently bought a faceted backyard stool for my living space. I surprised even myself with this selection. I had always thought of faceted designs as rather gimmicky. However, now I’m fascinated with those jewel-like pieces and’m enjoying their elegance and versatility. When you dig deeper, you’ll find original faceted furnishings, lighting and fabrics which are similar to works of art in their own right. Take a look at my favorites so far. — Lucy from Four Walls and a Roof

PAC Side Table – $950

I would use this bright red side table to inject some lighthearted energy into a industrial space or to add design to a family room. It comes as a coffee table too.


Faceted Ceramic Stool, White – $395

This really is the stool which got me hooked. We’re using it as a table, but it will serve as seats for extra guests sometimes too.

The Paris Apartment

Faceted Lucite Table – $1,325

Here’s a set of faceted side tables at a smoky gray perspex with mirrored tops. It’s like a contemporary riff on an uptown flat classic, the mirrored coffee table.


Crane Table – $1,095

Proving that tough borders can nevertheless have an organic sense, this side table looks inspired by pinecones. This piece definitely has an irresistible tactile quality to it.


VOLT Table

Ok, it’s bright yellow and contains uneven sides, so why would it still look stylish? Maybe it’s the careful structure needed for faceted furniture, however these pieces always have a certain existence.

Elisa Strozyk

Accordion Cabinet

All these accordion cabinets are works of art. I love the contrast of this unfinished wood with the thoughtful layout. Wouldn’t these be great at a Scandinavian-style kitchen? Or a midcentury dining room? Or a spacious bath? OK, pretty much anywhere.

The Carroll Street Woodworkers

No. 202 Coffee Table – $2,200

This unfinished timber is laid diagonally to create a beautifully-constructed java table with cutouts for storage and seating. I can imagine my children would like that as a play table, although I’m sure it’s intended to get a much more grownup space.


Five Chunk Modern Pendant Chandelier Solid Walnut By dylangrey – $950

I’ve had these lights in my ideabook for months. They have a lot to appreciate about them. Hand-carved chunks of timber replace conventional crystal chandelier drops, while the red cables add a surprise component. The wires come in different colours too.


Lampe 72dpi – EUR 227.50

I believed that this light fixture for my kitchen when I renovated. Even though the heavy texture likely wouldn’t suit the purpose (I’m convinced it would prohibit grease from cooking) the layout is eye-catching. I love that it resembles sugar cubes — light and sweetness!


LuminĂ¡ria Rock

Here’s a dim light. The irregular faceted sides of the necklace seem like crumpled paper. I can imagine this lending plenty of play to some rustic-modern kitchen.

Lee Broom

Crystal Bulb – GBP 189

It’s the classic good looks of cut glass and gold, combined in a wholly new way. Light bulbs made to seem like crystal — or is it the other way round? Either way, it’s genius.

Lee Broom

1 Light Just White Large

These pendants were inspired by Art Deco jewellery. They’d certainly add some glamour to a room.


BuzziSkin 3D Tile By BuzziSpace

Faceted tiles are an effortless way to add texture to a space. This bright red would be too much for a kitchen or bathroom, but for a commercial setup or to highlight a characteristic like a storage area, it would seem amazing.

Elisa Strozyk

Cosmetic Dentistry With Dyed Wood

This faceted textile is really made from pieces of timber. It’s flexible enough to be utilized as a throw or blanket and I love the subtle blend of colours.

Pierre Frey

Kubus Fabric

There’s evidence of Art Deco inspiration in this geometric cloth. A set of cushions in this would pull a living space together.

Design Within Reach

Crushed Bowl – $110

I have this bowl and completely love it. I’m afraid it ends up amassing stray Legos and Hot Wheels cars, but if it’s empty it makes the most beautiful display piece.


DORIT White Gold Decorative Wood Candle Holders By PELLEshop – $150

Simple wood block candle holders get glammed up with faceted sides and a little silver. They’d be great for a holiday party, or simply to add some simple sparkle to your everyday table.


Unique Facet Vase By David Wiseman

These vases are quirky. They seem like geometric eggs which have just hatched. We might be past Easter, but they’d make a great screen year-round.


Amethyst Geometric Facet Art Print By thepairabirds – $20

It is a print made with images and woodgrain. It captures the concept of light reflecting through a precious stone.


Elecom Five-Button Wireless Optical Laser Mouse – $56.99

Wondering what this is? It’s a mouse! If by now you’re devoted to the faceted appearance, this is the tech attachment for you. I can’t say whether it’s comfortable to use or not, but it certainly makes a statement.

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