Guest Groups: Get That Kitchen Organized!

When I am in the kitchen, among my greatest priorities is staying organized. An kitchen helps things run smoothly so that you can focus more on creating great meals. Here are a few things that I believe would help organize a kitchen without making it look too industrial. — Natalie out of Perry’s Plate

Lillian Vernon

Peel and Stick Chalkboard Panels – $22.98

I am a big fan of boards. All these Peel and Stick Chalkboard Panels would be ideal for menu planning.


SmartShopper 301 Digital Grocery List

This is an excellent little gadget for recording, organizing and printing your grocery list.


Slide Out Lid and Pan Organizer – $34.99

This lid and pan organizer slides in and out of the cupboard, which means you can stay away from unsteady heaps of cookware.

The Container Store

Portochef Recipe Easel by Umbra┬« – $29.99

This would be a great addition to your own menu planning. Put all of the recipes to be applied during the week within the organizer, and it keeps them dry and clean while you work.


Maple Peg Drawer Organizer – $59.95

This pegboard allows you to customize the way you want to organize your cupboard.

The Container Store

Fridge Binz – $7.99

Use these bins to organize items in the freezer or fridge. These would be great for oddly shaped items that don’t stack well.

Pottery Barn

Cucina Wall-Mount Kitchen Roll Organizer – $49

This handy kitchen roll organizer makes even a roll of paper towels appear elegant.

Lillian Vernon

Sure-Grip Tool Holder – $9.98

Keep your brooms and mops standing vertical and ready to wash with this handy tool holder.

The Container Store

Hermetic Glass Storage Jars – $2.99

Glass jars are so much more interesting to check in plastic containers.

Pottery Barn

Behind the Door Wire Storage – $59

Use that area behind your pantry door for keeping oft-used accessories, freeing up valuable counter space.


Stainless Steel Recipe Divider Magnet – $9.99

There is no need to perform complicated fractions from the kitchen. I love this particular magnetic recipe divider that really does all of the grunt work for you.


Compost Pail – $59.99

If you are in to composting, this would be a sleek way to hide smelly dinner scraps. Thank goodness for odor absorption.


Exact Spice Rack – $49.99

This place for your spices also keeps measuring cups and spoons.

Pottery Barn

Stackable Fruit Crates – $119

I love these stackable crates. They’re a great way to get a farmers’-market feel in your kitchen.

Pottery Barn

Vintage Cleaning Caddy – $79

If I had all of my cleaning supplies stored in one place, I am prepared to bet that my home would be tidier. Well, at the very least cleaning supplies would look cute in their caddy.

Pottery Barn

Pot Rack – $99

Clear up some cupboard space and store your pots on a pot rack.


Castela Milk Crate, Large – $35.69

These baskets would be ideal for storing cookbooks, magazines, as well as onions and potatoes.


Bakers Cooling Rack – $19.99

I really like that this cooling system not only saves counter space, but cupboard space too.


Bamboo Turntable – $25.69

A turntable such as that one makes corner cabinets useful again! You might even use this to hold condiments and tiny dishes at the dinner table.

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