Guest Groups: Modern Takes on Sherlock Style

The smash BBC collection Sherlock is excellent television, and the richly detailed collection design is really a standout too, with its clever modern take in the Victorian London of the first Sherlock Holmes tales. Give your personal space exactly the same trendy mixture of old and brand new with attachments that would be right at home at 221B Baker Street. — Lori from automatism


Nureyev Wallpaper

This richly patterned background from Zoffany’s Nureyev collection could be understood in Holmes and Watson’s living room, and it really sets the tone for the room. The chocolate version was utilized, but it’s offered in three other colorways too.

Design Within Reach

LC3 Grand Modele Armchair, Dark Gray – $4,995

No challenging cases to consider? Collapse with boredom into this down-filled LC3 Grand Modele Armchair. Designed in 1928, it became an instant classic — and nowadays it comes in a massive selection of colors.


Deer Skull Fine Art Photography Printing by Jenna Zee – $30

Skulls are a certain decor motif in the main lounge of Sherlock and John’s apartment. There is a human skull on the mantel, a skull print close to the sofa and a bison skull sporting earphones. This delicately beautiful print of a discovered feminine deer skull by Jenna Zee on Etsy provides a softer approach, with its focus on the sculptural qualities of its subject matter.

Rockett St George

UK & Ireland Map – Home Sweet Home Teapot – GBP 55

When your arch enemy drops by for tea, serve it in style with this gorgeous teapot by Ali Miller. I really like the mix of a traditional silhouette with pop art decoration — it’s surprising and beautiful.


Malabah Bath Oil – GBP 39

Unwind after a long day of sleuthing in a relaxing bath scented with Malabah Bath Oil from Penhaligon’s. The heady mixture will soothe away even the most perplexing problems of the day.

An angel at my table

Union Jack Cushion – GBP 20

Add a patriotic note into your space with this daring Union Jack Cushion from An Angel at My Table.


Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers from Last Prize Vintage – $16.50

Watson adds a little style as well as seasoning into his morning bacon and eggs with a pair of Danish, midcentury modern, stainless steel–and-wood pepper and salt shakers. This collection from Last Prize Vintage on Etsy is a close match and would add a dash of elegance to your own breakfast too.

Probert Encyclopaedia

1635 Map of Great Britain and Ireland – GBP 9.99

Add classic style to your lounge with this reproduction of a 1635 map of the British Islands by Dutch cartographer Williem Blaeu. I adore the gorgeous calligraphy and wonderful details like the tiny sailing ships.

Finnish Design Shop

Tools 4 Litre Casserole – EUR 228

Making a tasty risotto for supper is simple enough to do in the gorgeous Tools casserole made by Björn Dahlström. It’s elegant enough to serve from too (if you can find room on the dining table around all of the lab equipment).


1870 Gorgeous Antique Victorian Bat Engraving by Vintage Treasure Shop

Sherlock and John may like to decorate their lounge with a shadow box featuring a filled bat and beetles. When it comes to adding a gothic touch, I much prefer this delicate, first 1870 classic bat engraving by French naturalist Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon.


VASEN Vase – $1.99

Occasionally the landlady Mrs. Hudson have to have a bit of influence on the decor at 221B Baker Street — a vase of flowers on the lounge coffee table is certainly her idea. The simple and elegant Vasen Vase from Ikea suits everything from the humblest wildflowers into the wineries that are greatest.

And So To Bed

Manoir Bed

Following a long day of racing after clues throughout the streets of London, sleep will be even sweeter in a stylish sleigh bed like the Manoir layout from And So To Bed. I really like how this looks great in both traditional and modern interiors.


Signature Linen Bedding – $58

Luxurious pure-linen sheets will be valued all the more when you have to sleep off an unwary experience with a femme fatale.


Samtid Floor/Reading Lamp, Nickel Plated/White – $39.99

On rainy days when clients are not anticipated, curl up in a cozy chair by the fire and navigate through your classic copy of Memoirs of a Bow Street Runner under the gentle glow of this lamp from Ikea.


Antique Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Steel Engraving by Vintage Goodness – $12.95

Sherlock is a definite admirer of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, as can be understood from the bust displayed prominently in his room. This beautiful antique steel engraving of Goethe dates from 1873 and would offer elegant inspiration every day.


Four Vintage Metal Egg Cups by Millie’s Miscellany – GBP 7

Start your day as as John Watson does with a soft-boiled egg in a traditional stainless steel egg cup. This collection of four classic egg cups is a close fit to those used on the display, and they look great combined with classic white china too.

Natural History

Pocketwatch Clock – GBP 20

This is the sort of clock I could imagine finding in the hallway of 221B Baker Street — a modern black clock styled like a Victorian pocket view. It’s such a wonderful mixture of old and new.

Judy Ross

Celine Pillow – $260

A scattering of cushions on the sofa increases the comfort of Sherlock’s afternoon nap. This fairly hand-embroidered chain-stitch pillow from Judy Ross Textiles would surely make it a much stylish one too.


Juuri Storage Jar Medium, Smoke – $29.95

Having a crime-solving roommate who does not think twice about storing the most gruesome displays in the fridge, Watson may want to invest in some fantastic storage jars for the groceries. The superbly engineered glass Juuri Storage Jar series lets you view at a glance what’s inside, so no more unpleasant surprises!


Clue, Parker Brothers Vintage Game Collection – $28.49

On the show, you can see the game board for Cluedo, the British version of Clue, impaled with a knife over the mantel. I would not recommend playing this with Sherlock, however, your own friends would almost certainly be much more comfortable about the sport rules. This classic version comes in a wood box and would make a fantastic addition to family game night.

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