The best way to Fertilize Ligustrum

Contrary to what some gardeners think, you never need to use fertilizer to every plant in the backyard. Some crops, like ligustrum, work on their own proven. Your ligustrum is freshly planted or doesn’t prosper, in case, nevertheless, feeding it’s suitable. The crucial point to remember isn’t to handle them like fertilizer- crops, including dahlias or roses. You may end up with the invasive and overgrown issue in your backyard.

An all purpose, well-balanced fertilizer, like 101010, annually in the spring before new growth starts. Use application charges listed on the label, which are centered on fertilizer power and plant size. Alternatively, use the dose that is recommended in the spring before new growth starts and another half-dose in summer.

Spread the fertilizer evenly beneath the plant, extending 2 to 3″ the region across the primary stem where water drips from branches. Don’t contact the foliage or stem together with the fertilizer.

Water the lingustrum crops with 1-inch of water therefore the fertilizer starts to seep to the soil.

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