The best way to Winter Chrysanthemums

Sturdy perennials that tolerate a variety of climates and soil problems, most types of garden chrysanthemums are securely planted as late as November in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 5 and above. The bloomers include variety and interest to the drop landscape after other crops have faded. Give some safety to see them for another yr of colour through most varieties reunite in spring and chilly winter months to chrysanthemums.

Water chrysanthemums seriously in late drop. Plants which can be hydrated endure winds and winter cold quickly than crops that pressured and are dry.

Place a layer of mulch across the bottom of the chrysanthemum. 1 to 3″ or mulch or compost provides sufficient safety and retains the soil moist in the event that your home is in a moderate environment with frosts. In colder climates, include 3 to 4 inches of mulch, like shredded leaves, pine needles, dry grass or bark chips, to guard the plant from regular soil freezes and thaws.

Leave chrysanthemums that are invested by the end of the period in late drop in location, and reduce them down in springtime. Perennials that are unpruned may tolerate cold temperatures cool. The stems aid offer shelter and meals for song birds and keep mulch.