Two-Cook Kitchens Enjoy Smart Space Chops

Whether you live in an apartment using a 25-square-foot kitchen or possess a spacious house with hundreds of feet to cook in, odds are you’ve experienced the complications that come with too many cooks at once. Cramped counter space, one sink and attempting to cook and clean at the same time can wear patience thin.

We requested ers what their single kitchen/multicook alternatives are — and those seven kitchens are full of imaginative ideas to make cooking with more than 1 individual a breeze.

consumer Anne Marsden resides in a 1940s bungalow near Atlanta, Georgia. The kitchen was a very small galley style average of houses like hers. She and her boyfriend love to cook — although admittedly, she does more cleanup — and often bring in food from their backyard, so that they wanted to design a kitchen which would make cooking together easy and efficient.

The long central island was key to organizing this job area. The butcher block top provides plenty of space for 2 and generates a simple pass-through from 1 side of the kitchen to the other. Each individual receives a side with its own sink to call his or her very own — Marsden functions on the dishwasher and her boyfriend gets the cooker side.

Jbroten’s recently remodeled kitchen changed by a one-person U-shape layout to a space that can handle two or more cooks easily. Multiple counter work stations were musts, two islands anchor the space: 1 for prep and one which facilitates cleanup. The dishwasher to the sink island also faces the cutlery and plate drawers, making cleanup easier.


Ione Victoria of Paradise Interior Design designed this Aptos, California, house for two retired professionals. He likes to cook and she is more of a baker, so Victoria decided to separate the cooking and baking areas by putting the main refrigeration and cleaning gear in the centre for shared usage.

The kitchen includes two dishwashers and 3 sinks, which makes crossing paths nearly impossible. Space planning has been complicated by the fact that the wife is less than 5 ft tall, whereas the husband is roughly 6 ft tall. Victoria had the island lowered toward the baking end so that the wife could use it comfortably.

Jamie Walsh’s 150-square-foot kitchen Washington wanted something simple to make it a space where she and her husband can hang out and cook. A seat and a cart located at a local garage sale was shown to be exactly the solution.

Now, when the two are in the kitchen together, 1 person perches in the seat while the other cooks, shifting off from time to time. Walsh also had a metal fabrication shop make a stainless steel top for the cart so that it’s easy to clean and stays in Good shape

Sawhill Kitchens

Sarah Michalowski from Sawhill Kitchens worked using a household of five to design this multiperson Minnesota kitchen. Because they have three busy, young kids, this couple needed a space that will allow for five people to sit down at the staircase, do homework and cook — all without disrupting each other.

The exceptional island layout allows for easy cooking, eating and cleaning. A prep sink in the middle divides the island into two areas, allowing people to do separate things while having access to the sink. An appliance garage close to the fridge makes it possible for children to create smoothies without interrupting the workflow, and the desk stays out of the traffic path but also in plain view.

When user Sue Hausmann remodeled her Ohio kitchen, she wanted it to be an open and easy-to-use space for her and her husband. The sink, with three 2 taps, was a very simple and straightforward solution. It allows two people to prepare meals or clean up at the same moment. Lots of counter space, a spacious layout, a full-size fridge and freezer, and a double-drawer dishwasher assistance too.

Neal Nesbit of Shoreline Cabinet Company also designed this Wilmington, North Carolina, kitchen with just two islands intended as separate work and entertaining spaces. One island includes a prep sink and easy access to the fridge, range and main sink. The other island faces the dining room area and has a beverage center, making it appropriate for hosting guests away in the workflow.

Separate cooktops allow two people to cook at once, and a clear route between the island to the sink in the range causes for smooth traffic flow.

Have a two-cook (or more) kitchen? Inform us about it below!

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