12 Vegetable Peelers to Make Quick Work of Your Garden Bounty

I am already dreaming about gardens and exactly what I can plant this season. At our home a garden means plenty of vegetables. Part of preparing for the summer harvest means locating exactly the right tools to prep those vegetables for dinnertime. We certainly need to put in a peeler that’s ready for the hard skins of butternut squash, in addition to the softer apples my daughter likes to munch on. It appears the 1 peeler we have is always missing at our house. So maybe it’s time to pick on on one of those peelers. They’re definitely up to the job.


Ghidini Dual Blade Peelers – $9.95

A handle with lots of areas for grasping and reversible blades create these peelers very useful. The reddish peeler reverses into a serrated blade, while the green peeler reverses into a julienne blade.

Chef’s Resource

Palm Peeler – $5.95

This palm peeler makes fast work of peeling potatoes and carrots. You hold it in the palm of the hand, which feels far more natural than trying to grasp a slippery handle.


Swissmar Stainless-Steel Curve Peeler – $15

Although this peeler seems odd at first glance, the activity shot proves it should be a breeze to use, ergonomically speaking.

Gretel Home

Peeler, Yellow – $17

This peeler gets top marks for modern appearances — and the silicone-covered handle is also functionally gripworthy.

Kitchen Kapers

Joseph Joseph Rotary Peeler Green – $11.99

Three peelers in one, using a simple turning to get to the peeler you require for the job available. Additionally, the protective case opens for easy cleaning.


R̦sle 12735 Crosswise Swivel Peeler Р$27.95

This peeler combines classic lines with modern purpose — the simplicity of the shape is essential.


Misto Dual Twist Peeler – $4.99

This little peeler features two blades: 1 for softer veggies and you for harder skins.


Vegetable Peeler

This peeler has a finger-friendly design plus a pleasant, sharp double-sided blade. The curved shape imitates your natural motions, also.


WMF Cromargan 18/10 Stainless Steel Profi Plus Vegetable Peeler – $12.99

Heavyweight and ready for the most professional of chefs, this peeler has a slick style that’s ideal for a modern kitchen.


Swissmar Peeler Scalpel Blade, Blue – $9

This thinner scalpel peeler still peels all the difficult stuff — plus it’s a side cutter for the eyes on potatoes and other small blemishes.


Kuhn Rikon Julienne Peeler With Blade Protector – $15

Get fancy with your veggie demonstration by changing to a julienne peeler.


Kyocera Adjustable Ceramic Peeler – $19.95

A ceramic blade helps maintain vegetables from discoloring, and an adjustable-angle attribute helps you find just the right depth.

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