Kitchen Sinks: Easy-Clean, Amazingly Affordable Ceramic

It’s easy to see why ceramic countertops shine in kitchens. Their high-end appearance, dazzling complete and effortless maintenance make the cost surprising. Additionally, they’re incredibly available — since ceramic countertops can be found virtually wherever sinks are offered, you can often arrange a ceramic sink installation on the exact same day you purchase it.

Can ceramic perform for your own kitchen sink? Find out here.

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The fundamentals: Ceramic countertops are created out of a raw material that includes clay, glass and metal. This mixture was used as a sink material for decades. With a smooth, impervious surface and exceptionally low moisture absorbency, it is a fantastic material choice for sinks.

Price: $100 to $800 on average.

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Benefits: Ceramic sinks are easy to maintain. Their impenetrable surface is stain resistant, so you can easily wash it with basic all-purpose cleaning products.

Cons: Most ceramic countertops are made from raw materials, which means that a number of them differ slightly in complete and color. Prone to chipping, cracking and scratching, ceramic sinks frequently require replacing if broken.

Ceramic countertops are also more sensitive to heat than other sink materials, but most should be able to take care of regular kitchen temperatures.

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Sustainability: Unless you’re searching specifically for an ecofriendly ceramic sink, then this material isn’t an especially green choice. Ceramic manufacturing utilizes a lot of energy, and lots of the ingredients are mined from the earth.

While ceramic can’t be recycled, it may be downcycled. Downcycled ceramic countertops are ground into a powder that’s used to make other, new ceramics.

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Care: Most companies recommend that ceramic kitchen sinks only be wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild dish detergent. To get a clean, look at using a diluted solution of bleach or vinegar.


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