Greenhouse Lettuce Varieties

Lettuce in a greenhouse can help you have clean lettuce even to the winter months and extends the time. Temperatures are required by lettuce but is vulnerable to frost. Locations with high-light intensity and moderate winters are particularly favorable to greenhouse lettuce that is developing. You will find lots of varieties from which to pick, each with development habits and various maturity prices. Leaf lettuce grows nicely as a greenhouse crop. One kind of leaf lettuce may be cut repeatedly during its growing period. Lettuce kinds are mesclun mixes and free-head kinds, including the varieties that are butterhead.

Leaf Lettuce

Stays individually connected in the root, although loose leaf lettuce doesn’t form a head. Varieties include oak, red and green leaf. Leaf lettuce can tolerate heat better than head-kind lettuce, extending the growing period. Cut leaf lettuce when it’s 3- to 6-inches tall. Named types are Salad Bowl, Black Slobolt -Seeded Simpson and Red Sails. Black-Seeded Simpson is vibrant green using a taste that is sweet. It matures in 4-8 times. Red Sails has bronze- crinkly leaves as well as a taste that is mild. Slobolt has big frilled, light-green juicy leaves that mature in 54 times. Bowl has deeply-lobed leaves that mature in 4-5 times.

Mesclun Lettuce

Mesclun refers to some combination of various kinds of leaf lettuce. Commercially obtained seeds are a mix of leaf lettuce types of flavors, textures and various colours. The seeds may be sown or a-half barrel for house use in the greenhouse. Mix the seeds right into a tiny quantity of sand to stop sowing also thickly. Seedlings develop when they can be spaced at least 1/2 inch aside. This kind of lettuce requires to mature.


Lettuce is, butterhead, bibb -shaped head lettuce. Named types are Ermosa, Nancy, Esmeralda and Buttercrunch. Of the varieties, Buttercrunch is heat-tolerant and slow to bolt to produce seedheads. This range requires the longest to develop, achieving maturity in 65 times. With infant leaves obtainable a-T 28 times Ermosa requires the least amount of time to develop, maturing in 28 to 4-8 times. Esmeralda creates the heads of the types. It’s resistant to dis Ease and bolting. Nancy is famous for illness resistance and its thick leaves.

Cut -and-Come-Again

Cut-and-Come- is a leaf lettuce that grows straight back after it’s cut, making a a third, 2nd or fourth harvest prior to the plant is invested. Seed could be broadcast a T maturity, sowing them mo-Re thickly -and-come- harvest than for harvest in trays. This lettuce when the leaves are 3- to 6-inches long, leaving 1/2 inch of leaf for re-growth.

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