Making Narrow Stairway Broader

Badly designed, or senior, steps may be overly narrow, making them dangerous and uneasy to work with. A stair tread needs to be at least 9″ deep. Most inside measures will be re-modeled for more breadth and are made from composite materials, either hard-wood or plyboard. It is never as hard as you may believe to include up to stair width and depth to 1-inch with the addition of a hard-wood extension. More than that might lead to the stair tread to eventually become unstable.

Assess the amount of the step. Add 1 inch to the measure and indicate the hard-wood strip with it. Place a miter saw blade. Miter the finish off the hard-wood strip utilizing the extended level of the miter as the mark.

Drill holes throughout the hard-wood, 6″ apart and centered down the amount of the strip using a 3/16- as well as a drill inch drill bit.

Run a bead of adhesive down the trunk of the strip. Put the strip on the very front of the measure, flush using the end over-hanging the proper end of the measure with all the very top of the measure.

Set 3 1/2-inch screws in the holes. Make use of the strip to be screwed by the screw gun to the very front of the measure. Use just as much force as you are able to in order to get bonded to the very front of the measure and it. Quantify of the measure in the long level of the miter to the conclusion. Utilizing the measure, miter still another strip of hardwood to to match. Drill, screw and glue the strip to the conclusion of the measure bringing the corners

Install a 3/8-inch bull-nose bit in a router. Place of cut on the router a T 1/2 inch. Set the router on the very front of the stage. Turn on it and slide it along the period of the measure and about the corner to develop a curved edge on side and the entrance of the action.

Sand the hard-wood strip -grit sandpaper connected to some hand block. Stain asneeded to match current wood work, adopted by two layers of lacquer.

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