The best way to Convert a Three-Speed Ceiling Fan to your Variable Speed Control

You do not have to be satisfied with the three rates of a ceiling fan that is standard. Wiring the fan into a varying speed control switch allows you to make fine changes to the pace of the fan’s. Variable speed controls have to be specially made to be used with fans. Utilizing a dimmer switch isn’t suggested to be used using a ceiling fan. Converting a three-rate ceiling fan to rate that is varying is even more easy if the first fan was wired into a switch to turn the fan off or on.

Shut off the electricity to your house in the primary circuit breaker carton.

Eliminate the screws holding the cover plate for the enthusiast swap.

Pull on the switch from the wall to expose the cables that are linked.

Cut on the wires in the ends of the change and take away the light switch in the box in the wall.

Strip off the ends of the wires to expose 1/4 inch of bare on

Join the black cable in the speed control change to the black cable from the fan using a wire nut.

Twist a wire nut over one of the blue cables of the switch joined to the black electricity cable that is in coming.

Tie the other swap cable to the cable from the fan using a wire nut.

Join the ends of both wires together using a cable switch.

Attach a wire nut linked white cable ends.

Push the wires to the wall. Twist the varying control switch into position using the screws that are enclosed.

Attach on the control change that is varying, and restore capacity to the enthusiast.

Pull the fan to to show on high velocity therefore the variable-speed control gets the most extensive variety of rate settings.

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