8 Tips for Maintaining Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs can make a huge difference in your house. They not only add beauty but also elegance, color and artistry to it. However, it takes quite a bit of work to maintain these rugs in good condition.

Here are some rug cleaning Orange County ideas and tips for maintaining your rug.

Rotate Regularly

One of the things you can do is to rotate your rug on a regular basis. This is especially important if there are some areas in the room that have more traffic than others. Rug rotation encourages even wear and tear on all sides of the rug. Do this after every two to three months. Some professionals suggest doing it once or twice a year.

Block Sunlight

If the sun hits the rug directly, it can cause the color to fade. Therefore, block the sun from reaching the rug. If this is not possible, then rotate the rag in a way that the fading will be even all over the carpet.

Flip the Rug

In order to disentangle the fringes that are usually on both ends of the rug, consider flipping the rug instead of trying to untangle them using your fingers. This can cause you to damage the fiber of the rug, so it’s much safer to flip. To do this, hold one end of the rug and flip it.

You can also get hold of one end of the rug and then walk over to the other end of the rug while holding one end. When you get to the other side, flip the rug and then shake it slightly.


Another Orange County carpet cleaning trick is to vacuum the rug on a regular basis. This will prevent it from getting packed down, especially those sections where there’s high traffic. Keep the beater bar off when vacuuming so that it doesn’t rip the rug.

Spot Clean

Avoid stains on your rug by spot cleaning anytime you spill colored liquid or substances on your carpet. Just use clean water and a rug. You don’t have to use soap or detergent since these can damage the fiber of the rug. If the stain doesn’t come off, consult a professional.

Use Padding

Put padding underneath your carpet. This will help keep it wrinkle-free and helps the rug to retain its shape. It also helps to stabilize the rug. This makes it more comfortable for you to walk across the rug.

Professional Washing

You should take your rug for professional carpet cleaning Orange County every three to five years. This will protect the natural fibers of the carpet by preventing dirt and grime buildup.

Hiring a professional cleaner can help you extend the life of your rug and make it more comfortable to use.

Air It Out

Mold and mildew can damage the fibers of your rug. To prevent this from happening, air out your rug every six months. You can also air it anytime it gets wet.

Get Gorgeous Drapes with Classic Pinch Pleats

“Pinch me, I must be dreaming!” That’s precisely what I said when I had my very first pinch pleated drapery installed. They looked absolutely gorgeous and perfectly tailored. Pinch pleats are a highly popular way to finish off the top of curtains, and with the autumn season approaching you may be thinking about adding curtains to insulate your windows and save energy.

The pinch pleat is a fantastic addition to any traditional or elegant styled area because it delivers a stunning, yet timeless look. This sort of drapery is known as’pinched’ since the top of the curtain is pinched together! The pinched pleats are spaced evenly apart, and weighted in the bottom of the seams. This makes a tailored look at the top, and since the fabric drops down toward the ground, the pleats restrain the fullness allowing the curtain to fall easily and evenly. A pinch pleated drape is hung usually utilizing pin hooks (zinc metal curtain pins ), that are pierced into the fabric at the top of the back of the curtain board near each pleat. The pins are then attached to a traverse rod or rings that hang from a decorative pole. It is a gorgeous appearance. Below are some facts to consider if you’re thinking about getting pinch pleated curtains.

Michelle Jamieson Interiors / New England Style

Three-finger pinch pleats. This is the most popular pinch appearance, and the name says it all: there are 3 pleats. The pleats, also known as palms, are pinched together a couple of inches from the top of the drape, and they open up at a flower-like fashion up toward the bottom of the drape. It creates a fuller appearance in relation to the two-finger pinch pleats.

Two-finger pinch pleats. This pinch pleat uses less material than other pinch pleats so it gives a more contemporary appearance. 2 pleats are pinched together a couple of inches from the top of the drape, like a V shape, that then flow down in a tailored fashion.

FYI: There are also four- plus five-finger pinched pleats that seem like miniature fans at the top of the curtain and is very full looking (you need more fabric for all those fashions ).

The French pleat drapery. Another way to have the appearance is to do exactly the pinching on the top of the fabric so that the’V’ looks upside down, as well as the fabric flows out from that point. This is called a French pleat (a.k.a Parisian), but it is still a pinched appearance. The folds are piled tighter.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Measuring for pinch-pleated curtains. Pinch-pleated curtains are a investment because in most cases they’re made to fit your window or doorway just. You seethis fashion is not flexible. When measuring to see just how much fabric you need for a pinch-pleated drape, you have to know whether your curtain will be functional (opening and closing) or should it stay stationary (used only for looks). Also think about the period of your pinch-pleated drape:
Right over the ground (positioned 1/2″ off the ground for much more conventional, tailored appearances; finest for traversing draperies)Breaks in the ground; finest for stationary panels (a.k.a.’trouser’ length).Or put in an additional 8″ in length beyond the floor for a more dramatic appearance; finest for stationary panels (a.k.a.’puddle’ length).If you’re getting pinch pleated curtains through your regional customized window treatment shop, the professional should come out and step for you. If you get custom curtains at an internet stores like Smith & Noble, then they usually have calculators that figure out the right size of drape for you. Be very careful with your dimensions.

More on obtaining your draperies right

Michael Abrams Limited

How to hang pinch-pleated drapes. The key to good looking pinch-pleated drapery panels is to make sure they are pinned and hung properly. If you have them produced locally, it is well worth every penny to get their specialist install them. The pin hooks should be pushed in right next to each pleat without pushing the pin through the front of your curtains. Frequently the pin hook is inserted in a quarter-inch in the top of the drape. In this manner it hangs well and opens and closes correctly. The pinch pleat on this drape is performed well and has an extremely elegant vibe to it.

Jennifer Brouwer (Jennifer Brouwer Design Inc)

Stationary pinch-pleated curtains. Pinch pleating stationary (non-functional) drapes make soft elegance on a large window. It frames the window without taking away from your view or light coming in. These cost less than functional curtains since you don’t need as much fabric.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

Fully functional pinch-pleated curtains. Taking proper measurements is important when ordering curtains to cover your complete window (see Measuring For Pinch Pleated Drapes) because pinch pleated drapes aren’t flexible and are really based in your window dimensions. When fabric is pinch pleated it gets bulkier, so I put in a couple inches on both sides of the window and make the rod more for stacking up the curtains or employing a hold-back or tassel.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Pinch-pleated sheers. A absolute gives a pleasant, clean flowing appearance when you use the pinch pleating procedure. It is not merely beautiful, but used on a traverse rod, it is functional. You can draw them in the center, to the right or to the left. Fabulous and so easy to open and close! I suggest using more widths of fabric for sheers since the fabric is so light. The extra widths will create greater fullness and make it seem luxurious.

Richard Bubnowski Design LLC

The window pole. Remember to use a heavy duty rod or monitor (traverse rod) for dangling these curtains on big doors and windows since the fabric gets heavier as you add more widths of it to your pole. I love using decorative traverse rods since they seem so great and make opening and closing your pinch pleated curtains. Easy!

Rachel Reider Interiors

Decorative traverse rod. Traverse sticks contain plastic carriers with holes to suspend pleated draperies, and the draperies are connected together with pin hooks. They are sometimes drawn open or closed using cable controllers that pull them together a track. There are a lot of beautiful finishes and styles to choose from.

Jennifer Brouwer (Jennifer Brouwer Design Inc)

Embellish your pinch-pleated drape. For more attention, add a banding down the side using a solid or pattern. Or put in a banding one quarter inch or so along the bottom or top of your own curtain. Have a look at the fact that these elegant curtains are within an office! Yes, pinch pleated are not just for dressy spaces. They look great everywhere.

Liz Williams Interiors

Lining. Add lining to the back side of your pleated drape at a white or off-white color so that the windows seem unified on the outside of your property. Use insulated lining or thermal lining to keep the warmth in.

Designing Solutions

Black-out lining. Try black-out lining to keep the light out of a space when the curtains fully cover the windows. Blackout curtains are fantastic for bedrooms.


Top remedies. Last, if you’re likely to use a valance or cornice above your curtains, pinch pleat the curtains and they’ll hang very nicely behind the top treatment.

How to Receive Your Window Remedy Right
Designer Details: Banded Drapery Panels
Custom Draperies 101

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Guest Picks: A Stylish Little Cottage

Having a tiny lakeside cabin does not mean it can’t have fashion — a bit of paint, new linens and a few brilliant mod accessories may make even the most miniature of cottages a bright and cheerful retreat to be appreciated up until late fall. — Lori from automatism

Linen Tablecloth by Stripe Fog Linen Function – $85

Make an al fresco supper a particular one with a fairly striped tablecloth in easy-care linen. Add a pitcher of wildflowers and unexpectedly hamburgers become an event!


Freestyle Large Print by Samantha French – $75

Freestyle, a lovely print from an original oil painting by artist Samantha French, would be an ideal present for someone who’s just bought a lakeside cabin — a promise of many happy summer days to come spent in and around the water.

Stainless Steel Wood Basket, Bebop – $354.23

Many men and women are extending the enjoyment of their cottages into the warmer months of fall and beyond. This elegant wood stand by Andre Gilli is a tasteful alternative to the usual loose stack of wood by the cabin stove, and turns a storage requirement into a work of art.


Pop Orange Flower Plate – $6.95

Does this melamine plate include colour to the menu, but reassurance as well — no need to stress if it slides off the dock into the lake.

Rosendahl Lantern – $90

When dusk falls, a beautiful lantern will include a warm and cosy glow indoors as you unwind and listen to the loons call upon the lake.


Modern Patio Chair by Fillingham Art Furniture Design – $765

These beautiful handmade patio chairs of solid walnut, northern white cedar and stainless steel not just have an tasteful mid-century contemporary vibe, but they don’t mind being left out in the rain once in a while, either.

Joseph Joseph

Hands On Salad Bowl – $42

This fantastic looking salad bowl is smart too: the servers are integrated into the bowl, perfect for storage in miniature cottage kitchens.


Unison Larch Medium Charcoal Blanket – $72

The design of this Larch Blanket by Unison is reminiscent of tree shadows on a summer afternoon, but is lovely and cozy on cool nights also.


Flora N1 print by Miles Of Light – $30

This delicate print out of Miles of Light evokes sunny afternoon walks in the forests, collecting interesting leaves and other natural items for little souvenirs of summer at the cabin.


Dr. Yes Chair by Kartell, Set of 2 – $374

The stylish Dr. Yes Chair by Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet not only contains great lines, but fantastic practicality too; made from modified polypropylene, it is just as comfortable outdoors because it’s inside. A wide range of colors means that you can mix and match your look as well.


Ljusa Hand-Powered Flashlight – $4.99

I simply love the retro contemporary design of this flashlight. And thanks to the smart hand-powered design, no batteries are needed, which makes it ideal for cabin use.


Large Vintage Yellow Ice Bucket by Estate Eclectic – $24

This cheerful yellow classic ice bucket (using the fantastic style information of a lucite handle and lid) will make chilled drinks on the dock extra chic.


White Birch Tapper Candle Holders by Urban + Forest – $16

Add just a little atmosphere to a cabin supper with this pair of handmade taper candle holders made from reclaimed Maine white walnut timber. They are fairly and reflective of the surrounding woodland.

Dutch by Design

Red Cross Medicine Storage Box – $40

Maintain your inventory of band-aids, sunblock, bug repellent and other cabin necessities stylishly stored within this retro-inspired Red Cross medicine box.


Vintage Pair of Teak Atomic Boomerang Dishes by Wise Apple Vintage – $14

This tiny pair of classic teak atomic boomerang shaped dishes would include hot Scandinavian style to a serving of nuts, olives or sweets at the table or on the dock.


Coleman Jug Cooler by Old Green Canoe – $21

Drink beverages on the dock with cheerful retro style employing this fantastic classic Coleman jug cooler. It is fun and functional too.


Ikea PS Sandskär Tray Table, White – $34.99

With its broad base, this stylish table is a fantastic option for a cabin lot with jagged floor — along with the removable table can be utilized as a serving tray if the party moves indoors. It’s also UV-stabilized and fade-resistant, so in the event that you leave it outside once in a while there is no need to stress.

Haus Interior

Deluxe Bocce Ball Set – $450

When the weather turns a little too cool for swimming, toss on a sweater and break out the bocce ball set! This beautiful version is as decorative as it’s fun — it will look great in the living area, awaiting another game.


Triangle Mug Set – GBP 35

Add some cheerful geometric colour to morning coffee on the dock with one of these Triangle mugs. They are available separately or as a pair of four.

Olympic Firebowl/Grill – $415

Being at the cabin means you never wish to go indoors, and that includes eating. This streamlined and elegant fire bowl lets you barbecue quickly and easily — consistently great when everyone is hungry from a day to the water.

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