A miter is a joint. In making cuts done using a handsaw, Miter boxes help, and an electrical compound miter saw can make cuts with angles, making a beveled edge. “Miter” is also a verb; if you miter some thing, you bevel the edge or match endings together in a miter joint.

TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company

The miter joint on this cupboard door is where the rails and stiles fulfill in a 45-degree angle.

Robert J Erdmann Design

Flexible molding may be used over curved walls and corners that were narrow, making miter joints that were complicated marginally simpler to craft.

WA Design Architects

Multiple cuts were made letting them wrap round the wood pole.

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A header is used when framing a large opening in the building of walls, windows or foundations. It’s a thick flat beam that transfers weight from a demanding opening into the parallel studs, joists or rafters.

Vanguard Studio Inc..

The rough-hewn header here is visible, supporting and shifting the weight of the roofing into the unseen studs placed vertically at the ends of the wall opening.

Su Casa Designs

There is a header above this transom window, keeping the weight off the glass panes.

Elad Gonen

Once an whole wall is open just like this, a steel header might be used. The broader the opening, the thicker the header has to be.

The post and lintel structure seen here is essentially the same concept for a header; the horizontal header transports weight to the vertical posts.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

There is a header under the paneling that is horizontal and the framework.

Lewis / Schoeplein architects

This wood beam is decorative, but there’s unquestionably a header above it supplying the structure of the wall opening.

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