How to Repair Drywall

The use of drywall as an option to finish the home has taken hold over the last few years. However, the wall is not untouchable. Sometimes it can get damaged and that’s why you need to learn a few repair tricks that will help you along the way. The damages caused on the wall will range. Sometimes you will get smaller cracks that can be fixed. In other cases, you may end up with large holes that will take more time and effort to fix. Either way, you still need to understand a few repair tips.

Well, below are some of the most important ones:

Surface Crack Repair

There is a seamless paper covering found on your siding contractor Orlando, FL. The covering rarely cracks. Most of the time, cracks appear on the seam where two walls meet. Fixing these cracks is quite simple. The easiest option is to fill the crack with a new compound. Once the compound is fully applied, give it time to dry. Smooth the area using sandpaper and you are done.

Nail Pop Repair

Nail pop is one of the most common problems you will have with the wall. It’s usually reported in newer homes. Nail pop is simply a situation where the nail or the nail head protrudes through the tape on the wall. The solution to this is also very simple. The first step is to scrape away the area where the nail is protruding using a knife. Scrape until the screw or the nail is visible. In the end, use a screwdriver or a hammer to drive the nail back into place.

Corner Bead Repair

The outer corners of vinyl siding Orlando, FL are normally reinforced with plastic or in some cases metal edgings. These reinforcements are called corner beads. Although this is rare, sometimes a sharp knock on the beads may cause it to bend, crack, or chip off. To fix this issue, you will need to assess the affected area and ensure it’s an isolated problem. This is because a knock on the beads may cause damages on other parts of the wall too. Once you are sure the issue is isolated, chip off the loose material around the area and fill the resultant hole with the new compound. Allow it to dry and use sandpaper to smoothen it.

Hole Repair

The approach you will use to fix a hole in the wall will depend on how big the hole actually is. If we are talking about a hole larger than six inches, you will need to use specific patch kits. The kits will be readily available at your local hardware store. If the hole is small, first of all, measure the size. Get a new piece of drywall and cut it out to the exact measurements of the hole that you want to fix. Place the cut-out piece on the hole and reinforce it with fiberglass tape and screws.

The idea of fixing your siding Orlando, FL can often be a challenging task but all you need is a few DIY tips and you are good to go. The simple tips above should come handy.