Kitchen of the Week: Resurrecting History onto a New York Farm

Rescued at the nick of time from demolition, a 1790 barn framework now includes an updated kitchen having a working New York farm. The homeowners loved the framework and wanted it to help honor their house’s history. Architect Kate Johns maintained the frame’s high ceilings, exposed rafters, articles and authentic hayloft ladder, and used them to define the new kitchen’s design. A Scandinavian-inspired colour palette keeps the space light and bright and lets the wooden beams stick out.

The resurrected framework now connects the farm’s 18th-century home together with the couple’s recently built home, blending the old and new — in more ways than you.

Kitchen in a Glance
Location: Hudson Valley, New York
Size: 1,553 square feet, including the kitchen, dining area and living area (kitchen: 650 square feet)


The older hayloft was removed, and the 200-year-old framework — cleaned, refinished and stabilized — now opens into the rafters. More light is let in by A dormer in the ceiling.


Berkshire Barns helped the bunch deconstruct the barn framework, rebuilding it on this sloped website. The barn-framed great room currently connects the first rock house on the left and the new home on the right side.


The kitchen revolves around a primary dining area, large island, small cooking fireplace and La Cornue stove with a custom surround. The owners use the tiny fireplace to cook appetizers, roast meats and grill vegetables for groups of friends.

The ladder involving the huge island and the table led to the hayloft in the first barn.

Island paint: Lamp Room Gray, Farrow & Ball; hardware: Rocky Mountain Hardware; pendants: PW Vintage Lighting


The red La Cornue stove is the only splash of colour. The habit vented alcove mirrors the fireplace in the living area at the opposite end of the excellent room.

Countertops, backsplash: Danby Marble


A giant “swing beam” at the middle of the space spans the full width of the window with no supporting posts in the middle. Although it was originally designed so carriages can turn around in the barn, the open area gave Johns lots of space to work with.

At first, the frame’s post height was too low for anybody to walk underneath the cross beams, so the barn builder added 21/2 feet into the base of each pole using remnants from additional barn articles.


The 16-foot-long island is in proportion to the extra-tall ceilings. Johns installed a sink, a dishwasher, undercounter refrigerators, chairs and storage area in the island. Two-inch-thick marble counters high the painted island cabinetry. The legs around the island make it seem more like a piece of furniture than a built-in.

Bar stools, dining table: Chris Lehrecke; seats: Nakashima straight-back-chair reproduction; flooring: white walnut, Carlisle Flooring


Johns made custom workstations on either side of the island and primary cooking area. Each side functions with conveniences and its appliances, saving measures.


This workstation has a refrigerator, a cleanup bowl and sink storage.

Though Johns did not want too much exposed timber, she did not want to use Sheetrock. Instead, she installed tongue and groove boards on the ceilings and walls, painted the wallboards and whitewashed the ceiling.

Cabinetry: habit, assembled by Vormer Cabinetry; sconces: Filament, Restoration Hardware


On the opposite wall (beyond the island) a beverage and coffee channel greets the guests and homeowners as they walk into the kitchen. The two tall cabinets have pivoting pocket doors that can hide countertop appliances open to reveal workspace. There is also a sink and a small refrigerator for beverages.


2 dishwashers, a small sink and refrigerators within this butler’s pantry make postparty cleanup simple.

Sinks: Shaw Original Farmhouse, Rohl; fixtures: Barber Wilson


The owners use a small steam oven and microwave to warm up food before serving. Added pantry storage area removes the need for upper cabinetry in the primary cooking area.

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12 Vegetable Peelers to Make Quick Work of Your Garden Bounty

I am already dreaming about gardens and exactly what I can plant this season. At our home a garden means plenty of vegetables. Part of preparing for the summer harvest means locating exactly the right tools to prep those vegetables for dinnertime. We certainly need to put in a peeler that’s ready for the hard skins of butternut squash, in addition to the softer apples my daughter likes to munch on. It appears the 1 peeler we have is always missing at our house. So maybe it’s time to pick on on one of those peelers. They’re definitely up to the job.


Ghidini Dual Blade Peelers – $9.95

A handle with lots of areas for grasping and reversible blades create these peelers very useful. The reddish peeler reverses into a serrated blade, while the green peeler reverses into a julienne blade.

Chef’s Resource

Palm Peeler – $5.95

This palm peeler makes fast work of peeling potatoes and carrots. You hold it in the palm of the hand, which feels far more natural than trying to grasp a slippery handle.


Swissmar Stainless-Steel Curve Peeler – $15

Although this peeler seems odd at first glance, the activity shot proves it should be a breeze to use, ergonomically speaking.

Gretel Home

Peeler, Yellow – $17

This peeler gets top marks for modern appearances — and the silicone-covered handle is also functionally gripworthy.

Kitchen Kapers

Joseph Joseph Rotary Peeler Green – $11.99

Three peelers in one, using a simple turning to get to the peeler you require for the job available. Additionally, the protective case opens for easy cleaning.


Rösle 12735 Crosswise Swivel Peeler – $27.95

This peeler combines classic lines with modern purpose — the simplicity of the shape is essential.

Misto Dual Twist Peeler – $4.99

This little peeler features two blades: 1 for softer veggies and you for harder skins.


Vegetable Peeler

This peeler has a finger-friendly design plus a pleasant, sharp double-sided blade. The curved shape imitates your natural motions, also.


WMF Cromargan 18/10 Stainless Steel Profi Plus Vegetable Peeler – $12.99

Heavyweight and ready for the most professional of chefs, this peeler has a slick style that’s ideal for a modern kitchen.


Swissmar Peeler Scalpel Blade, Blue – $9

This thinner scalpel peeler still peels all the difficult stuff — plus it’s a side cutter for the eyes on potatoes and other small blemishes.


Kuhn Rikon Julienne Peeler With Blade Protector – $15

Get fancy with your veggie demonstration by changing to a julienne peeler.


Kyocera Adjustable Ceramic Peeler – $19.95

A ceramic blade helps maintain vegetables from discoloring, and an adjustable-angle attribute helps you find just the right depth.

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Kitchen Sinks: Easy-Clean, Amazingly Affordable Ceramic

It’s easy to see why ceramic countertops shine in kitchens. Their high-end appearance, dazzling complete and effortless maintenance make the cost surprising. Additionally, they’re incredibly available — since ceramic countertops can be found virtually wherever sinks are offered, you can often arrange a ceramic sink installation on the exact same day you purchase it.

Can ceramic perform for your own kitchen sink? Find out here.

More kitchen sink materials

Emily McCall

The fundamentals: Ceramic countertops are created out of a raw material that includes clay, glass and metal. This mixture was used as a sink material for decades. With a smooth, impervious surface and exceptionally low moisture absorbency, it is a fantastic material choice for sinks.

Price: $100 to $800 on average.

Beau-Port Kitchens

Benefits: Ceramic sinks are easy to maintain. Their impenetrable surface is stain resistant, so you can easily wash it with basic all-purpose cleaning products.

Cons: Most ceramic countertops are made from raw materials, which means that a number of them differ slightly in complete and color. Prone to chipping, cracking and scratching, ceramic sinks frequently require replacing if broken.

Ceramic countertops are also more sensitive to heat than other sink materials, but most should be able to take care of regular kitchen temperatures.

Signature Design & Cabinetry LLC

Sustainability: Unless you’re searching specifically for an ecofriendly ceramic sink, then this material isn’t an especially green choice. Ceramic manufacturing utilizes a lot of energy, and lots of the ingredients are mined from the earth.

While ceramic can’t be recycled, it may be downcycled. Downcycled ceramic countertops are ground into a powder that’s used to make other, new ceramics.

Luciano Group

Care: Most companies recommend that ceramic kitchen sinks only be wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild dish detergent. To get a clean, look at using a diluted solution of bleach or vinegar.


Domsjö Single-Bowl Inset Sink – $105.99

Are you really a lover of ceramic kitchen countertops? Let’s talk! Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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Elevate Your Everyday Edibles Into Kitchen Artwork

Ever since kitchens became about entertaining and aesthetics as about cooking, there’s been one big, lingering question: How can I cook and keep things orderly? If you inquire, there’s no reason to hide away the culinary fundamentals. Spices, dry products and veggies and fruits, when displayed properly, can develop into a fashionable area of the decor. With a few simple tweaks, maintaining the heart of the house guest prepared and making it usable do not need to be mutually exclusive.

Du Bois Design Ltd

If you like the idea of having veggies and fruits where you could view them but think that a typical fruit bowl is passé, a beautiful tray similar to this is a perfect place for keeping edibles right at hand at a fashionable way.

Blount Architectual and Interior Design

Another super-snazzy alternate to the fruit jar, this modern rack keeps all of your edibles right where you’re able to view them prevents the inevitable mush on the base of the fruit. The splash of red is indeed fun!

Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs

It is a fact of life that some create is not really prepared to enter the refrigerator when it is purchased. If you are not a fan of having unripe berries and salmon lined up on the window sill, a unique vessel similar to this is essential.

Glass Canisters | Williams-Sonoma

Glass canisters top our listing of stylish ways to display your meals. Fill them with oats, grains, beans, pasta or, yes, freshly baked cookies.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Sugar, flour, grains and other dry products are kitchen musts. Why hide them off when they enhance the decor?

Nordby Design Studio

Even when you’re not much of a cook, then clear canisters are a slick touch onto a counter. If flour, pasta and the like aren’t daily requirements for youpersonally, coffee beans and also loose-leaf teas are a beautiful alternative.

Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs

We do not always have a thoroughly prepared cheese tray just lying around. But, like flowers, appetizers are an appealing way to decorate your home for guests.


Stacked Optic-Glass Beverage Server – $109.90

Whether you are entertaining a crowd or just trying to get your eight glasses every day, a beautiful drink server is another dual-purpose kitchen item. The color and dimension add pizzazz to the counter, and everybody has their favourite drink all day long.

Powell/Kleinschmidt, Inc..

If you are tired of having spices cluttering your free cabinet space, let them see the light of day. This wall-mounted spice rack retains favorites close to the stove. It looks fantastic and makes it simpler to provide all of your favourite meals a healthy dash.

Cuisinox Magnetic Countertop Spice Rack – $250

Spices are beautiful to show, particularly when their canisters are as glossy as the decor. We love how modern this spice rack is and think its magnetic feature is so handy!

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Kitchen of the Week: Exposed Brick Arches in Illinois

Most homeowners need a kitchen using more light and an open connection to main living spaces. Since the kitchen has become the main hub of action in modern homes, many households gravitate toward centrally located spaces which are easy to access from the rest of the house. The issue is, creating this installment is not always easy.

This Wilmette, Illinois, kitchen was originally completely closed off from the rest of the house. The homeowners wanted to connect it to the adjacent living space, but a thick wall obstructed off the distance. Great Rooms Designers & Builders pared down the warmth from the wall, exposing beautiful brick, and reworked the wall to an open and one of a kind design.

Great Rooms Builders & Designers

This wall between the kitchen and the family room was an exterior wall in the home’s unique layout. The family room was added later on (before this kitchen remodel), and the brick was furred out and drywalled.

Great Rooms’ Heath Siebert and his team realized that this once-brick wall could include a distinctive textural component, so that they restored it and additional arches and pillars.

Cabinetry: Monarch; backsplash: white crackle tile, Chadwicks; countertop: Brazilian soapstone; floors: refinished red oak hardwood; sink: Rohl Shaws Apron; faucet: Franke Triflow

Great Rooms Builders & Designers

To connect the kitchen with the living room, Siebert and his team removed the drywall, framing and old brick from the previous wall. They washed the brick and used it with some fitting new bricks to create the new wall and pillars.

The soapstone countertop was pulled out through the largest arch to get a casual eat-in bar.

Great Rooms Builders & Designers

Classic white subway tile in a crackle finish was installed in a herringbone pattern for a backsplash. Pieces of soapstone frame it.

Pot filler: Danze Opulence; lighting: homeowner’s; hood: Savona, Zephyr; range: Wolf 36-inch

Great Rooms Builders & Designers

Storage was a priority, so Siebert and his team integrated shelving into each nook and cranny. Integrated wine shelving, a display case for china, tall cabinetry for pantry items and spacious cabinetry around the island are a couple of of the solutions.

Great Rooms Builders & Designers

A window at the far end of the kitchen and an open door to the rest of the house retains the room casual, connected and full of natural light. “Before we began the job, the brick wall was only a door from the living room into the kitchen,” says Siebert. “The homeowner never understood that this might be opened and that we can use an outside element with interior components seamlessly.”

Refrigerator: Sub-Zero; dishwasher: Bosch

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7 Strategies to Make Your Glass Carpets Shine

Glass presents us with numerous design options in kitchen layout now. I’ve noticed a pair of doorways above a bar area or some kind of display cabinet have become almost commonplace. However, there is so much more we could do with glass which makes its existence in kitchen layout an important option to take into account. If you’re seeking to use some glass on your kitchen, here are some methods to make the glass something special.

Urban Homes – Design for Kitchen & Bath

Light the inside of glass cabinet doors to help show off what’s in the cabinet. It is most common to use glass doorways in a bar area or display cabinet. However, don’t simply install some glass doors without even thinking about what’s inside. By putting lights within the cabinetry and using glass shelving, you can definitely highlight your “fancy” eyeglasses. This light is also perfect for producing a nightlight in a kitchen for a moody atmosphere.

Cheryl D & Company

Another great (and easy) bar area. Glass doors show off glasses and some prized champagne. By putting a cabinet panel on the drink fridge, all of the focus is moved up to the display area.

Debra Campbell Design

Use the back of the cabinet to bring some extra texture or color. Within this black and white kitchen, both top cabinets with glass doors and the display cabinet to the right of the fridge are given particular attention with a splash of lemon yellow inside.

Jenni Leasia Layout

Use glass (or wire in this instance) in a more functional area for a completely different look. Admittedly, his one may be an issue for those people who are a little OCD. However, if you’re fastidious enough, an open pantry can be very art-like. All it requires is a bit arranging to make it actually work.

Angela Otten; WmOhs Showrooms Inc

Utilize glass to balance out other elements. Within this elegant and traditional kitchen, the glass cabinetry on each side of the big vent hood help balance the weight of the fixture by “extending” out the weight. In a feeling, it lessens the overall effect and produces all components feel cohesive and unified.

Venegas and Company

Highlight an intriguing architectural shape. The Gothic-inspired insets from the glass door would get lost if put on top of a door. By putting a light within these display cabinets, we may see the strong patterns of the filigree work.

Laidlaw Schultz architects

In a somewhat different vein, these glass cupboards are all about bringing different feel and shape to the doorways which contrast with the strong grain pattern of the wood. By keeping all the dishes white within the cupboards, it retains the whole look from being too active.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Glass doors lighten up an whole room by dividing the surface. It’s a well-known actuality that in the event you’ve got a large surface and you throw a different substance from the combination, it will help break up the overall weight of everything. Glass top cabinets were utilized to give everything a mild visual weight in this quaint kitchen. The frosting on the glass helps hide what’s behind the doors so that it does not feel cluttered.

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Use opaque glass for a very different look. Few designers as well as fewer homeowners have taken the risk is using an opaque glass in their own designs. However, it may do something which neither translucent glass nor timber can do — it provides a super durable, high gloss surface. In this dark and white kitchen, the reflective nature of the black glass uppers helps prevent them from becoming too thick. Besides, they’re sexy!

More Glass Inspired Ideabooks
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Life in a Glass House
French Doors: Ooh La La

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Special Study: Kitchen Information from Cologne

The city of Cologne is fast becoming the spot to observe in regards to cutting edge layout. Last week I had been honored to to go to Cologne’s 2011 Internationale Möbelmesse (IMM) layout show. A highlight was a kitchen-special segment known as the Dwelling Kitchen — the greatest kitchen style tradeshow I Have ever attended. That is saying something, as someone who who’s visited more kitchen layout tradeshows than I can rely.

I was one of six U.S.-centered layout bloggers delivered to to IMM and the Living Kitchen by Blanco, a German sink and faucet maker. What I noticed is nothing like what I understand is happening in the style scene in the U.S. As a kitchen and bathroom designer, I am interested to find out how fast these tendencies and thoughts wind up in the United States of America

The photographs in this ideabook are pictures I photographed as I walked around the display Jan. 20-21. In addition , there are some show-supplied pictures which help make the purposes my own pictures can not.

As you go through the pictures, resist the impulse to reject the notions instantaneously. Many come up with options that can turn out to be employed by the remaining planet finally, although kitchen designers are fixing exactly the same issues any couturiers are. Is it possible to see these layouts working in your house?

Paul Anater

Kitchens that incorporate to the remaining house are large — enormous — in Europe. Every kitchen appeared designed especially to combine to the chambers that encompass it.

Paul Anater

Is it possible to see this degree of kitchen integration getting well-known in america and Canada and actually operating?

Paul Anater

Let me make it clear, the largest trends the other day, I observed in Cologne were textured, obviously- lanky, scrawny counter and wood tops. Count on that skeletal counter top tendency showing right up in the remaining planet and also the United States of America rapidly.

In two strong days of walking throughout the display, I may have counted similarly the amount of 3-centimeter “American” counters I observed. There was really small granite but a porcelain counter stuff that is unavailable in The United States along with lots of laminate.

These 1-centimeter skeletal counters stood out because they are such blunt resistance to that which we find in the US and Canada these times.

What would it not require to get one to adopt the 1-centimeter counter?

Paul Anater

This faucet and sink combo by Blanco reveals something we never find in The United States. This can be a sink under-mounted in a counter.

The standard knowledge in The United States is that we we can not undermount a sink in a laminate counter. Designers do it all the time, plus it seems excellent.

Paul Anater

Europeans use laminates in kitchens with techniques their Us counterparts never would. It makes perception though. Laminates are sustainable and long lasting plus they look amazing when they truly are used correctly.

The present European variant of the Fantastic American White Kitchen is a white-and-wood-t One laminated kitchen. What does one think of this white-and-woodgrain combo?

Paul Anater

Most kitchen kitchen sink have drainboards that are incorporated. Drainboards are a characteristic that is completely missing from Us sinks. Why does one assume that’s?

This mirror-complete counter and incorporated sink from Blanco is what is called a floating counter. In a counter that is floating, the 1-centimeter counter sits on an inferior deck to improve the consequence of the counter that is skeletal.

This is the precise reverse of everything we find in the U.S. right now. I applaud this course and that I wonder the way that it’s going to play in this aspect of the Atlantic.

Paul Anater

Another intriguing believe I found in Germany a week ago is the fact that the majority kitchen sinks are fall-ins compared to the undermounts s O well-liked in the U.S.

In searching at this picture, I see skeletal counters, laminate surfaces and a Dropin sink.

Paul Anater

Consolidation is the real key to kitchen layout. Big, expert-dimension appliances were nowhere to be noticed. Every equipment. When it was not being employed, it appeared, may be folded a way and concealed. Lots of this comes from small average-size of a house that is European, although not it all.

A larger existence of built-in appliances is some thing I understand we’ll be viewing mo Re of in The United States.

Paul Anater

The correct wall of the kitchen vignette reveal slider doors that make when they truly are perhaps not in use, the functioning parts of the kitchen vanish.

Paul Anater

For each and every incorporated kitchen layout that contained a couch along with a kitchen table, there was at least one that attempted to to suit against a-wall and be amazing for its benefit. A kitchen stream-lined and this mini Mal is sufficient to make me need to purge my kitchen gear all to ensure I really could live with this particular little space.

Paul Anater

Each of the bases are covered by this kitchen, in the floating, skeletal counters to the incorporated appliances on the back-wall.

The island in the centre of the chamber is as much a coffeetable as this is a work island. Could you actually use an island in this way?

Paul Anater

This kitchen in the appliance maker Gorenje incorporates a cook-top, two wall ovens, a steam oven, a microwave, a dishwasher, a fridge as well as a hood. This chamber does not sense at all equipment hefty, although that is lots of appliances. What does one think relating to this amount of appliance integration that is minimized and slick?

Paul Anater

What I discovered most fascinating were the U.S. producers who were at IMM’s Living Kitchen and revealing new appliances they they do not market in the U.S. That is a stack of builtin appliances from KiitchenAid, a brand produced by the Whirlpool company. Revealed here are a a modest dishwasher, a steam oven as well as a wall oven.

Can you see these tendencies ever producing it on this facet of the Atlantic? On the other hand, I am a designer, although I had welcome them. Each of this fascinated me and I am anxiously anticipating the coming of the skeletal counter on those coasts. How about you?

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10 Clean, Out-of- the Kitchen Layouts

Kitchen layout is kind of like tv manufacturing; it requires a number of experienced specialists, 5-hour logistics assemblies, scrupulous scheduling as well as a ludicrous sum of money to make a success. Since I only use my kitchen for including ice to water and toasting Poptarts, I’m perhaps not too excited about these alleged hearts of your home. The truth is, kitchens are considered the purgatory of style by me simply because they frequently leave home-owners in I-don’t-wanna-invest-that-sort-of-cash limbo.

For the previous seven years, I’ve been self-employed person making and casting house makeover plans while moonlighting nighttime and weekends as an interior designer. Kitchens are TV – producer hell. From electrical to plumbing, cabinet setup to equipment shipping, there’s a network’s budget to be spent by enough allowance for error all-on one episode. Reconstruct and gut a 40-year old kitchen in three times using a camera in that person at the center of a hurricane with all the energy being knocked-out by way of a tree falling three feet from your house? I ‘ve.

I could continue about the trials and tribulations of kitchen style but but rather shall consider one to many a culinary joyful spot. These clean, outside-the-carton kitchens are special, inspiring, useful, as well as sometimes, cost effective. You understand what is cost effective? Pop Tarts, there’s just ONE figure whose gonna eat it and left? Me.

Beloved man who created this kitchen, I’d want to spend you to have infant kitchens such as this that I could embrace. This kitchen is what I’m tawkin’ bust. First up, it makes me sense Palm Springs-ish which is definitely pleasant. It sneak expired milk down the drain as invitees turn a blind eye and feels similar to a chamber than the usual spot to boil water. The grey is neutral and complex and actually lets the dining table that is masterful in the centre to beam. Do not even get me began on the Mademoiselle seats. I’d spend 8 weeks providing pizzas to individuals kitchens through the night only to in the course of time have these in mine. If this kitchen were a television programme, I nominate it for every Emmy potential and would TiVo every episode.

Laura Britt Layout

Ah, the traditional, modern kitchen. You can not actually ever go incorrect with this selection; yet, you can kind of enter One-Flew-Over-The-Cuckoo’s-Nest if you go also sodding. The lively, summery mosaic takes the sterility from the white. In addition , I see some price-savers here which I will not mention. Trace: yellowish and blue branding, where ABBA is gummy and from fish which might be typically red.

Robert Hawkins

You realize that obnoxious -re-claimed appearance that is been sucking the soul out of wallets from bucks and house boutiques world-wide? Yeah, this s O ISN’T an instance of those. The productive contemporary rusticity of the kitchen/great-room layout relies almost solely on feel to tell its tale. This really is not akitchen or a merely space, itis an RESIDENCE. And every part is much like a member of the family. The truth is, the kitchen is snuggled in the trunk just like a small infant wrapped in swaddling of barn siding that was ag ed. Perhaps this home-owner should grant some suggestions to those reclaimed areas.

Ah, u N-dull farmhouse conventional. Can it be only me or h-AS other people been inspired by conventional kitchens that are up-dated recently? I generally will not go-anywhere near cream or beige; yet, a few ag ed sections or schoolhouse industrial accents kind of open my head to getting mo Re of an impartial traditionalist. One that contemplates ordering Pa Pa John’s to be a Tuesday evening meal that is conventional.

What I said previously. Minus the Pa-Pa John’s. This room makes me need amp PB&; a chocolate milk-shake or J. Having a vibrant straw.

The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

Right, therefore I’m like a pseudo- all and specialist decorator, and banquettes are just one of my my own contacting cards equally for dining-rooms and kitchens. This conventional banquette is significantly welldone; yet, it is only clad with beadboard. Something to take into account as it pertains to banquettes and break-Fast nooks: The carpentry prices are often in regards to the same as purchasing seats and tables from showrooms. Do not allow “custom” frighten you; it really is allin the selection of substances. Now, in the event you select imported, magic -dipped wood as your stuff from Antarctic Continent, that is still another tale completely.

Divine Design+Build

Something straightforward and this tranquil isn’t just demanding to pulloff, it probably takes pockets so heavy, China is reached by them. Although I am kind a/sorta great using the design things, I do believe I’d hire akitchen designer to pull this away. This really is not merely a kitchen, it really is an Alist star.

Divine Design+Build

Same as above. But pockets just reaching to Saskatchewan.

Divine Design+Build

Same as previously. Like, virtually, it is the precisely the same kitchen from an alternative angle.

Lastly, still another cause conventional kitchens are winning me over: room to exhibit items. Although I despise mess, a useful items positioned on display can actually act like invites – as add-on. That’s all. Time for still another Poptart. A cheeseburger, only kidding.