Designer's Touch: 10 Basement Upgrades

Is the clutter in your basement driving you insane? Get your last piece of spring cleaning done and clean out this underused — and underappreciated — space. Rejuvenate your basement with these designer tips and include performance, style and square footage to your property.

Peregrine Design Build

1. All bases covered. Install open shelving together all of the walls of your basement for organized storage. Display household products, games and toys as decor.

Witt Construction

2. Stunning basement. If you’ve got a slightly bigger budget, completely design it to become another usable degree of your property. Insert a wellness TV, cabinetry, furniture and games for that supreme bar and recreation area.

Eisner Design LLC

3. Total basement fitness. Establish a dedicated physical fitness area in your basement to save time and money. Insert an adjacent play area to keep a watchful eye on the kiddies as you’re exercising.

Billinkoff Architecture PLLC

4. Basement exhibition. Convert your basement space into a gallery, together with all of your personal favorite artwork on your walls.

Leslie Goodwin Photography

5. Measures to success. Build a perfectly operational office under the basement stairs with built in cabinetry and handy open shelving to store bills and household paperwork. Save space and keep organized under a single stairs.

DIN Interiorismo

6. Divide and counter tops. Put a counter-level bookcase with exposed shelves and — voilĂ ! Counter space, privacy and easy access to all your books, with a defined television room.

Sandvold Blanda Architecture + Interiors LLC

7. Bookworm addition. Read all your favorites in your own private oasis of knowledge with a built-in floor-to-ceiling library. What a great idea to showcase your piano in the basement, also — if you dare.

Lizette Marie Interior Design

8. Bold basement. Take a danger and paint your basement a dark shade. Bold color equals a dramatic and cozy basement.

Urban Cape

9. Vino vault. Wine lovers can make their dreams come true with their own wine cellar just down the stairs. Stock up on what your palette needs and have your favorite bottle right in your fingertips.

Dream House Studios

10. Billiards basement. Twist your cellar with wainscoting, crown moldings and carpeting, and top it off with an expert pool table. Your energetic game room expects — with or with a wet bar.

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