Hanging Lanterns Twist Porches in the Right Light

In any area, inside or out, lighting is a subtle but crucial way to set the mood and style. Hanging lanterns are a wonderful option for areas that can feel both timeless and modern. As a chandelier welcomes you to a home, a hanging lantern welcomes you to a porch or an outdoor room, and sets the tone to laid-back festivities.

See if one of these strategies for integrating figurines will operate for your porch.

Martha O’Hara Interiors

In regards to outdoor fixtures, the lighter and airier the style is, the bigger it will seem. If you like a more minimalist lantern such as this one, be aware that it will actually appear visually larger than a thicker one.

Dayna Katlin Interiors

Exactly like indoor dining areas, the light fixtures can enhance outdoor dining areas. Traditionally, 30 to 36 inches should hang above the table, which is a great distance for outdoor arenas.

Abbott Moon

Hanging lanterns such as these are generally not proportioned to permit for just one to make a statement on your table. A set, or even three, creates visual interest and sufficient light to see your plate.

ASID, Christopher A Rose AIA

If you aren’t sure what size of lantern is ideal for your porch, use the identical rule of thumb as for picking an indoor chandelier: Insert the length and width of this space. The number of feet at the sum is about the number of inches that your fixture should be. For example, a 12-by-15 porch will hold a 27-inch lantern.

Symmetry Architects

On a porch with a beautiful focal point, such as this mantel, the elevation of the fixtures is very important. Fixtures that hang too low can block the view of the porch’s most important feature.

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If you’re between two lantern sizes and just can’t make up your mind, we say it is always much better to go larger. Too-small light fixtures are one of the fastest ways to draw negative attention to a room and make it look ill proportioned.

Whitten Architects

For bigger porches, consider using more than one hanging lantern. At a room where multiple seats areas come together, using another lantern for every spot helps to define the groupings while adding warm ambience for night parties.

Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

For a porch with a view, take care to not impede the sight point by hanging your lanterns too low. In general, make sure you leave at least seven feet in the porch floor to the bottom of the lantern. This way, even the guests can enjoy the view.

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