8 Over-the-Top Bedrooms for Children

You become a child just once — so let your children embrace it! Children’s rooms are a great place for becoming creative and going overboard with wildly imaginative designs. Have a look at these inspiring rooms and get inspired turn your kids’s ordinary bedrooms into bewitching environments they will cherish now and remember fondly in the future.

A painted tree home, a life-size dollhouse and a complex inside perfect for a preteen — they are all here and show you precisely what creativity can attain in your kid’s dream bedroom.

Action-packed. All the activity within this awesome room is the perfect answer for an extra-rambunctious kid (or adult for that matter). A drawbridge, upstairs and slide area make for continuous playtime — and can keep the kids out of your hair, also.

Advanced House Plans

Wall art. A few cans of paint and a vision are all it takes to turn your youngster’s bedroom walls into playful murals. Keep your design simple, and it is going to take little time, energy or money to change the space. The best thing about this design? It’s easy to adjust with a new coat of paint when your kid’s style (inevitably) changes.

Mayssa Al Ghawas

Playhouse. What kid wouldn’t love a playful space similar to this? This fantasy dollhouse-style area has everything a kid could desire: a fort, a cozy sleeping corner and also a slip to allow travel from 1 degree to another. OK, OK, it could cost you an arm and a leg but I am sure the look with this youngster’s face was priceless!

Martin Perri Interiors, Inc..

Sports fan. Produce a sports-stadium feel in your child’s bedroom that is going to have the crowds cheering. Everything here the freestanding bed with the slip, the baseball bat lights, the hockey chair, the turf-style rug — fully embraces this particular theme. What a dream for the little sports fan!

Nature-inspired hideaway. This modern tree-house-inspired bedroom is perfect for a nature-loving preteen. Tall ceilings adapt the bookshelf stairs and the above-ceiling canopy, while the sofa beneath allows for relaxing. The wall mural provides a natural and soothing element to the room.

Historical Concepts

Uplifting. A creative setup in this way could put a playful twist on a shared area with older children. Not everybody loves sharing a room, but these swing-style beds would surely make it feel much more entertaining. Cheerful orange accents in clean lines give this room a classic feel, despite its unusual bed setup.

AFK Furniture

Sophisticated style. Some girls want to be princesses eternally. In case your little princess still loves girly design well into her adolescent years, this glamorous room could offer some decorative inspiration. Can’t you just find a group of adolescents snuggled up on the overstuffed furniture and luxurious canopy bed to see a movie?

Hopkins Designs

Attic oasis. If your child is craving privacy, a supplied attic could be only the spot where he or she could get comfy while relaxing, studying or hanging out with buddies. Tucked in the tippy top of your home, the attic feels miles away from prying eyes but in reality it is only a fast trip up the stairs. Make this space feel extra cozy with a plush mattress, beanbag chairs and low-key string lights.

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Refresh Your Mudroom

Time to clean out the winter equipment that’s been cluttering up your entryway and make space for new spring finds. Join us this week as we explore eight approaches to freshen up that hardest working of chambers, the mudroom. Whether it is a complete room or a sliver of wall from the doorway, this space must greet you warmly, offer storage for your belongings and set the tone for the remainder of your home. Let’s dig in.

Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist

1. List your requirements. Next time you are home, take note of what you’re carrying, as this can point you toward the furniture and accessories that can best serve you. For example, silky scarves might beg for a drawer or basket, while luggage would succeed on shelves or hooks. You might need:
HooksBoot trayShelvingChest of drawers
RugMirrorBasketsClockTray for mailRecycling bin

Warmington & North

2. Think creatively about furniture. When you’ve got the room, you might be able to repurpose something you own instead of buying a new piece. Who says you want a tough wood seat from the mudroom? A loveseat or a armchair are a magical addition (throw onto a slipcover if you’re worried about stains), along with an old dresser can discover new life as an ample storage unit.

Jeanette Lunde

3. Brighten up with colour and art. A small can of paint can do miracles. Paint the walls, stencil a pattern on the flooring, or repaint your furniture for a whole new appearance. A bracing light mint green looks especially fresh when paired with white, and it yells spring.

Artwork is one other way to make a fast change, and there is no need to devote a whole lot of money to acquire a fantastic appearance. Here are a few ideas for inexpensive wall art.

• Cut a vintage book of botanical illustrations.
• Frame pages by a gorgeous calendar.
• Press leaves and blossoms from your own backyard and frame them.
• Cover a corkboard in burlap and utilize it like a inspiration board.
• Fill embroidery hoops from the craft shop with swatches of vibrant cloth.

Tim Cuppett Architects

4. Take advantage of a small area. Simply because you do not have a mudroom doesn’t mean you can’t have an attractive and orderly region to corral your possessions when you stumble in the doorway. A simple built-in or floating shelf and a few hooks are all you actually need.

If you want to earn this zone feel like its own miniroom, try painting or wallpapering a accent wall to frame the region. Want it to blend in instead? Paint the shelving and wall to coordinate with the colour of the surrounding area to get a smooth transition.

Mark English Architects, AIA

5. Consider flooring choices. The mudroom is a high traffic zone, often handling mud, dirt and snow, so think carefully about what you place on the ground. If you’re starting from scratch, consider a weatherproof material such as stone or tile. Otherwise, cover existing flooring with a challenging natural-fiber rug or perhaps one meant for outside.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

6. Make order for the whole household. If you share the space, it is critical to carve out an area for each individual. A basket, shelf and pair of hooks for each man, woman and child will maintain possessions off the ground and somewhat contained. Be absolutely certain everyone is responsible for draining those baskets until they float, or you’re back to square one.

Rethink Design Studio

7. Insert a command centre. Because it is often the last place we look before leaving the home, the mudroom is a great location for a command centre. Like a miniature office, the command centre acts as an organizational hub for the whole family. Here are a Couple of things you might want to include in yours:
ChalkboardWall calendarChairSmall deskFloating shelfFile basket

Just a Girl

8. Locate additional space. Not enough room indoors? Make your garagedoor or rear deck work by setting up an exterior mudroom close to the doorway. If you live in an apartment building, you might even be able to put a small locked cupboard close to your door.

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The Handsome Mudroom

Makeshift Mudroom

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