Bring a Little of Your Garden Inside for Fall

I will be honest. I ditched my lawn halfway through the season and spent my free time with friends and preferred tasks. I think it had something to do with the major garden cleanup I did within the spring. After hundreds of hours spent moving and digging and carting just to re-dig and proceed again, I chose to throw in the trowel (ha) and proceed on to spending my time with things that weren’t going to fade away a couple of months later. It was clear that I had been a bit burnt out and that I needed to escape.

And needless to say, now that the atmosphere is starting to become crisp and my perennials are beginning to whither, I’m ready to go back to my lawn again. Feeling slightly guilty that I made it high and dry and eventually admitting to myself that it is almost time to put everything away, I had the idea I could bring in my preferred planter that I never got around to filling. One thought led to another, and that I realized many of the outside decorations and natural components we like in summertime can come with us in our homes for autumn. Look ahead to find out what I mean.

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Branches. So needless to say a leafy branch will only last you a couple weeks into autumn, but it might still look great when it sheds its leaves. Take a peek at this kid-friendly project that places branches to good use.

Tips: Inspect for bugs before bringing branches indoors. If they still have leaves, then keep them fresh longer by cutting them in an angle in the base just before placing in water.

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This room makes me want to sit down and look at a good coffee table book. Branches on either side of the desk include character to a distance that might have otherwise felt stiff and imperfect. I like branches because of their naturally organic shapes and also because they’re simple to discover.

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Bench. Based on what your bench looks like and if the lines, colour and style fit into your house, you might be able to get away with using it indoors during the warmer months. If you do not have sufficient space in your entryway, look at using it in the kitchen table or close to a window.

Hint: Utilize a soft-bristled brush to remove loose dirt then gently wash with soapy water. If there is mold or mildew, you might choose to use white vinegar diluted with water to eliminate it. If this doesn’t work, resort into a bleach and water mix. Wipe down using a hose, then pat dry with a towel and wait till it dries completely before bringing it indoors.

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You are able to soften the vibe of your new seating by adding a couple big cushions or possibly a thick wool blanket. Pulling a bench indoors will also supply you with extra chairs for those holidays.

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Planters. Whether it is large or small, chances are likely that you have a favorite planter you tuck away year after year. While it is certainly exciting to see it once spring arrives, it might be something you’ll be able to enjoy all year also.

Hint: Remove all of the dirt used with the prior plantings and clean with warm water. Wipe out and then use fresh dirt for the new plants that you intend on incorporating.

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A set of urns or planters that may generally be used outside an entryway can be an intriguing addition to your fireplace or possibly a door in your home. You might also divide them up and use them in separate rooms or choose to place away one and maintain one out.

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Stump dining table. If you’ve got the space in your toilet, a stump table with a pure finish provides warmth and also somewhere to place a few candles. It retains the space feeling serene and spa-like, and it is always nice to escape to after a long evening of autumn cleanup.

Hint: If you are using a stump of your own, make sure that’s dried out and inspect for bugs. If there aren’t any bugs, use a stiff wire brush to remove residue or dirt when your bark is removed then sand the log smooth. Apply linseed oil and let dry. End with urethane if you prefer.

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All right, so this particular stump table is pretty nice, and it is quite clear it was not simply peeled, sanded and varnished. However, the concept remains the same. Small tables like this 1 look fantastic when paired with a reading chair or bookshelf.

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Potting bench. Who is to say that planting wants to stop when the ground freezes? Indoor potting benches are the perfect place to carry on with your green-thumb hobbies throughout the autumn and winter and also duplicates as a great spot to paint. I have a potting bench indoors, and it is my go-to desk for virtually any project that’s cluttered.

Hint: If you’re bringing in your outside bench,examine the potting bench with a wire brush to remove dirt and scrutinize the corners for spider nests. Use white vinegar diluted with water and spray it over the entire surface. Let soak for a bit and then rinse with a hose. Pat dry and bring indoors just when dried entirely.

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Although this isn’t just a reclining seat, it does a nice job of demonstrating what warm rustic style a weathered table can bring into a space. A reclining seat in a living or dining area will add both function and personality. I’m a big fan of adding furniture and decorations throughout the warmer months and taking them away once spring arrives — warm and cozy in the winter, cool and fresh in the summer.

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Statues. Many times, there are garden sculptures that look just as great inside as they do out. I enjoy this one since it is sort of whimsical and adds a little humor to get you through the lengthy spell of snow and ice dam remowal little rock. If your lawn sculptures seem too small, try resting them on a base very similar to this one to include quantity, or create room for you on a bookshelf.

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This is just another statue, also raised from the floor for much more emphasis and easier viewing.

Pickings could be slim at this time, but summer and early autumn can be a good time to search for a garden sculpture or two, as they can be pricing in the beginning of summer.

What do you bring inside from your yard this autumn?

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