Cabinet Colors for Cabinets

White kitchens are a no-brainer, and stainless steel goes with everything. However, when you have appliancesas I do, cupboard color gets a little trickier. New appliances are not in the cards just yet, so as I get ready for a much-needed kitchen facelift, I’m on the search for hues that will blend in with my black appliances and freshen them up — without making the space feel like a dark hole.

David Nosella Interior Design

Appliances within an off-white kitchen? Yeah, I was skeptical too, but after seeing this photo I’m a convert. The dark countertops, backsplash, furniture, floors and colors all help ground the stove and refrigerator and integrate them easily into the space. Enjoy!

Turan Designs, Inc..

Dark wood cabinets and dark appliances are a tried-and-true combo, yet this approach feels refreshing. There is a nice symmetry: The use of black on the cooktop hood anchors the black ovens and refrigerator that scatter it.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

For some people (read: me), black appliances are an default option, not a first choice. However, for this industrial-meets-artsy space, I can’t envision any other color. White would look dull, stainless would contend with the ultra-cool corrugated metal cupboard inserts, and whatever brighter would complicate the area’s streamlined palette. Black functions here as a gorgeous balance.

What’s black, red and white all over? This fab bistro-style space, that manages to look diverse and cohesive at the same moment. Red moldings spark the neutral colors, and the soft grey cabinetry ties it all together. And just how much do I really like the fact that the black on your refrigerator comes from chalkboard paint?


I’m head over heels for blue in any shade, so I swooned when I got an eyeful of the little vignette. Since they don’t draw attention to themselves, black appliances would be just the thing to let the rich sapphire-hued cabinetry glow. The colorful backsplash tiles pull all of the kitchen colors together.

Chr DAUER Architects

I had never thought of shameful as a natural match with dusty green, but the two are perfect partners in this space. Even though these appliances have some stainless , I think all-dark would work as well. Black accents (countertops, glass rack, window casing) are key to pulling this off. And I love the way the hot wood accents and vivid art give the kitchen additional layers of thickness.

Divine Design+Build

While pale appliances usually seem jarring against dark cabinetry, the reverse is true here. Black appears slick and modish against light timber . The bright blues on the stools and pendant light hit a great middle ground that keeps the kitchen out of atmosphere stark.

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