How to Eradicate Speedwell at Lawns

Speedwell (Veronica species) is a low-growing plant which produces blue flowers and propagates easily from small root sections, making it a challenging weed to eradicate. Several annual and perennial species are indigenous to the United States and a few are advertised as border plants. Speedwell creates numerous slender branches which spread and root immediately creating a carpet. Pest species of speedwell are resistant to herbicides because of hairs. A couple of herbicides may offer some control although careful removal is the best method of eradication.

Locate speedwell plants. Glasses, dig the whole plant with a shovel or garden trowel, eliminating 6 inches of dirt away from the base of the plant. Eliminate and any broken stem sections and set them in a garbage bag for disposal.

Mix in the sprayer according to label instructions and spray on some remaining plants. To get a heavy infestation areas of the lawn may be sprayed and replanted.

Till heavily infested areas with a rototiller and rake remaining pieces of their speedwell from the area. This method works best for places on the fringes of lawns or gardens and have to be repeated several days to get rid of the plants. Herbicide applications in conjunction with rototilling can prove successful.

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