The best way to Anchor a Mantel

The allure of a fireplace is almost worldwide. By installing a mantel you can also falsify the allure of a fireplace in your own home. To anchor a mantel that is strong, you require one horizontal and two vertical supports fixed to the wall before placing the mantel set up. The support that is flat partly carries the weight of the mantel, as well as the supports that are perpendicular keep it constant.

Set the mantel from the wall where it’s going to go and trace its outline on the wall using a pencil.

Turn the mantel about using the hollow backside facing you.

Quantify of the mantel in the rear over the top flat part. This measure will be to find out the span for the flat support. The flat space which you quantify should be immediately beneath a benefit that can rest on the help. Oftentimes, this area is simply underneath the top-plate of the mantel.

Mark A2-by-2-inch plank to the amount of the flat measurement and cut it straight across using a hand or round saw.

Quantify inside the right or left side of the framework. Measure, cut and mark two boards to that particular span.

Measure down in the very best of the mantel to the place where you took the measurement that is flat. Assess the depth of the best in the event that you measured only beneath the top-plate of the mantel. This discovers the place of the support that is flat.

Quantify down the wall in the flat pencil line to the measure for the flat support place, and mark the wall.

Set the flat support from the wall, aligning its top edge with all the pencil mark. Put a level in addition to the board before the degreeā€™s bubble is centered, and fix the plank.

Add 2 1/2-inch masonry screws through the assistance and in to the wall, spacing screws 6″ aside left to correct.

Gauge the rear of the mantel from both the right or left outer border that is vertical directly across to the positioning where you quantified for the perpendicular supports.

Quantify over from among the pencil lines on the wall to the support that is perpendicular place measurement, and mark the wall. Repeat on the contrary side to indicate the other support that is perpendicular.

Put one perpendicular support plank contrary to the wall on the left. Align the left border of the support together with the pencil mark, align the plank using a degree for right or plumb, and fasten the assistance with screws. Recur to fasten another support that is perpendicular on the side that is contrary.

Distribute silicone sealer on the other side of the most notable of the flat support that you fixed to the wall.

Transfer the mantel into place, somewhat over the flat support. Lower the mantel on the assistance.

Add 2-inch finishing screws, spaced 16-inches aside, through the left aspect of the mantel and in the vertical assistance. Recur on the correct part of the mantel.

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