The best way to Replace Vinyl Chair Straps

Strap furniture is available on several A-Bay Region deck or patio as the vinyl that was tough stands up nicely to year round coverage in the enjoyable environment of Northern California. As time passes, as the vinyl becomes brittle ultimately fades or breaks, it’s not time for furniture straps that are new. Get the rivets or clips you require, along with a strap materials in the dimension and colour, and get started fixing your vinyl chair straps for garden furniture that seems as good as new.

Measure the width of your straps using a fabric measuring tape. Place the conclusion of the tape facing inside the sidebar of the furniture. Hold the tape in position. Wrap the tape below the sidebar and on the top. Pick out the tape across to another side. Wrap the tape under and pull up the finish. Hold the tape taut where the tape crosses on the next side, and use the measurement.

Cut a check strip to size. Drill a 1/8-inch . centered hole 1/2 inch from Cut the pointed ends the strap with scissors off. Insert the strap. Wearing gloves, use the strap to be lifted out by a tong and dry it.

Slide the clips onto the sidebars so your clip curls round the outside using the tab jutting to upward and the within. Therefore the conclusion is upward place the conclusion of the strap on the tab. Wrap the strap to the next side and across on the clip. Wrap on the top. Stretch the strap to fit the next clip tab on. The strap ought to be taut and stretched in the event the strap is the proper dimensions. Make your strap 1/4 inch shorter. if it’s loose Cut all your straps. Groups of 10 or five before installing and stretching them. Until your chair is is completed, continue.

Turn the chair upsidedown. Place a punch and hammer the tab flat to the medial side bar. Repeat on all tabs.

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