The best way to Repot a Corn Plant

The corn plant (Dracaena fragrans) is an easy care house plant that provides a lush, tropical aura to any room or back yard. The plant has sword- . This corn plant is slow- completely content to be left between waterings and developing. Like the majority of container-grown crops, more room is sometimes needed by corn crops. If completed correctly, moving the plant to bigger digs is not hard.

Select a container, made of any substance, that’s one or two inches greater than the existing residence of the corn plant. Make sure that the container has drainage that is excellent.

Pour one to two inches of potting soil to the new container and moisten with water. Remove the corn plant and shake-off or wash the roots off to eliminate all the aged medium that is expanding.

Place the corn plant in the middle of the container that is new. Check the region of the stem that marks the very top of the former place in the soil of the root ball, and make sure than it did in the first container, the corn plant sits no greater or lower in the pot.

Pour soil to the container to contain the the corn plant in location and moisten the soil. Use planting medium that is clean as opposed to reusing the aged to help keep diseases and increase diet to the corn that is re-potted plant.

Adjust the place, if required, to keep it centered in the pot and in the correct height of the plant. When you water the plant finish filling the pot with potting soil to stopping soil over flow. Smooth the back of a huge spoon or the soil together with the hand trowel.

Before setting the container on leading place tiny pebbles in a plant saucer or alternative drip pan; this raises the humidity round the pan gradually and as the water from your pot fills the drip pan evaporates.

Place the corn plant that is repotted in its unique place in your home or yard. Pick a spot where it is going to receive medium to vivid in direct light if re-locating the plant, remain warm, and be guarded from gusts of wind or drafts.

Mix fluid fertilizer to the water in accordance with label guidelines, then water the recently planted corn plant carefully.

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