The way to Arrange an Eiffel Tower Centerpiece

Eiffel Tower vases help you create tall, theatrical arrangements as centerpieces for a main table or personal event poles. The stone or flowers from the vases loom high above the heads of seated guests therefore the centerpiece does not interfere with conversation. Add long-life, tiny decorative lights to the glass vase for additional gleam at a daytime tent or a night reception hall.

Insert a short string of click-on fairy lights or one to three click-on LED Floralytes from the vase. Examine the opening at the Eiffel Tower vase prior to purchasing your lights to ensure they will fit within the vase. Click-on battery lights allow you to set your centerpiece and turn it on before the event.

Insert stitch into the vase if you’ll use it; clear colored glass seams magnify and distort the light like water. Pebbles also pounds the vase so that it won’t tip over. You may jump the seams and only secure the vase to the table to a small wad of florists’ clay, put under the vase.

Soak the floral foam at the curtain holder for a flower centerpiece. Skip this step if you’re using feathers.

Cover the floral foam with green moss for a foundation for your floral centerpiece. Then, push blossom stems firmly to the floral foam, starting with shorter stems around the perimeter and reserving the tallest, showiest blooms to your top center of the curtain holder.

Choose feathers rather than flowers and insert botanical drabs to the dry floral foam — all around the entire curtain ball until it is concealed by the feathers. Drabs would be the shorter, thinner body feathers of the ostrich and make an appealing rubbed pomander by themselves. In this instance, you’re employing them as a foundation for a stunning plumed centerpiece.

Finish the botanical arrangement with three or more tall plumes — the sweeping, drooping, complete, wing feathers of the ostrich. Place the bouquet holder at the neck of the Eiffel Tower vase and then place the vase at the center of the table. Turn the centerpiece lights on only prior to the event.

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