Tips to Make Your Deck More Private

The main reason why many homeowners build decks is to extend their living space. Outdoor living is an essential part of your home and doing whatever it takes to make sure you are as comfortable as possible in the outdoors is very important. In case you are thinking of building a deck or perhaps you already have one, privacy has to be a number one priority. After all, the deck should be a little hideaway for you. It’s a place to relax and unwind after a long day and the last thing you need is the prying eyes of your nosy neighbor watching your every move.

Well, don’t worry! Here are a few tips that can help you enhance the privacy of your landscaping San Diego:

Plant Trees

You can plant trees to provide the cover you need. Trees are not just going to keep away the prying eyes but they can add to the beauty of the deck. The natural canopy of the tree will ensure that no one is able to spy on you from above. It will also provide great shade for the deck.

Build a Wall

If you don’t have time to wait for a tree to grow, you have a basic choice. Simply build a wall around your deck and you are done. The wall needs to be high enough to be effective. Building a privacy fence for the deck will not take too much time. It’s also very affordable.

Add the Sound of Water

Your landscape design San Diego should be a quiet place where outside disturbance is minimized. There is nothing more distracting as noise. The noise from the busy road outside your property can affect your deck’s experience. However, you can solve this by adding the soothing sound of water to drown off the outside noise. This will give you the ultimate decking experience.

Create a Canopy

Using natural green plants to create a canopy around your deck can also come handy in enhancing its privacy.  The neighbor’s second-floor windows will always be over and above your wall and they can clearly see what you are up to. You can solve this problem by creating a canopy over the deck and close off uncomfortable gazes.

Add a Roof

If you don’t have the time to create a canopy on your deck then you can simply roof it. This is perhaps the most effective solution to ensure that no one from above the wall can see all the way to your deck. But don’t just put up any roof. As much as privacy for your deck is the priority, it still needs to look good. You should pick a simple and classy roof.

The outdoor living space is very important for any home. But privacy issues might affect your experience on the San Diego landscaping. However, the simple tips above will go a long way on delivering the most effective privacy for your outdoor space.